Although I’ve been a Christian for quite some time now, today was a “new” day in my perspective of Jesus, the man.  I encourage you to join me in Gethsemane, then walk with me into the Garden of Olives and slowly descend deep into the grotto where magenta drops of sweat stained the ground.  Here, in this place called the Olive Press the vice-like condemnations from Satan squeezed the Holy One of God.  Satan’s presumptuous attack to introduce doubt into the mission of this man called Jesus seemed indefensible until the tired, bloodshot eyes of the obedient looked up and said,”not mine but thy will be done.”  There in the grotto’s grave of our sin, Jesus the man put aside His divinity to cover His immaculate heart with the dark, despicable evil of our perverse rebellions.   The perseverance of Christ to withstand greater temptations from Satan than in the desert is the contemplation I now hold dear.  My Jesus, my brother, who took from me what I could not erase deserves better from me.   I cannot shake my heavy debt of gratitude although His yoke is light.  Had the three apostles not seen Christ transfigured and glorified, they would have run from the man that woke them in the garden.   This knowledge of Christ’s resplendent white robe that shimmered like the sun is now the strength we all can draw upon when faced with the seemingly insurmountable darkness only the Ancient of Lies can and will provide.


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