Why me?

I told my friend Tim that my 2011 resolution was to be filled with humility.  Something tells me that’s easier said than done – or is it.  Again, my heart is drawn to the rumblings of the sorrowful.  In the last two weeks I’ve been informed of parents dealing with the sudden and unwelcome prognosis of childhood cancer of their little one.  I have never worn those shoes that now bind the shocked parents of those children.  At first my prayer is slow and jumbled as formal prayer falls from my heart in a staccato rhythm.  At first prayer too is like a bitter drink as I choke down the reality and uncertain future of this precious innocent. But I know beyond my own wisdom with certainty that there is a distant light that still illuminates a hidden hope we all carry.  A hope that draws us together in a tender communion of caring humanity yet ascends above all our tribulations.  A hope known deep within that challenges us to lift our heads from our hands and give listen to a praying God, an everlasting Savior, that keeps a personal vigil of intercession for each of us.  Not only is God our first love we never knew, not only is He ever near, but He is praying for you and I.  Praying that we allow our broken hearts and wounded pride be the weight He bears.  Praying that we will recognize His voice with the same love He feels for us.  Praying that denial nor despair is our only choice.  We are just an arm’s length away from a suffering heart if we dare to look and listen.  I believe we touch the heart of God through our neighbor’s pain.  Do you?

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Why Me?

Too tired to cry,

Unable to pray,

Alone with her fears,

All now she can say,

“Why me?” “Why today?!”


A hug soon warms her,

Releasing her tears.

No words are spoken

Yet completely clear –

“We will persevere.”


We are not alone,

God says through a touch.

“Give me your problems,

Let me be your crutch.”

No words said…so…much.

© 2011 by Chris Clody 1/21/11


Love your neighbor,



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