When faced with circumstances that challenge the very core of our being –

When the offence rattles the cage of our confidence and security –

When hopes and dreams are suddenly tumbling out of control –

When black ice covers unknown stretches of our road through reality –

Will our faith become slippery and intangible?


Temporarily, God invites us to choose to be a contradiction of imperfection filled with a spirit of indomitable grace. Friends, hear the beatitudes instead of seeing them.  Our very vision betrays the faithful promise that screams from Calvary.  Our response to tribulation either deprives or nurtures the fruits of our growing conversion towards the blooms of God’s perfect and loving will.  Daring to trust this will in words and actions in the face of calamity is truly the weight of a lighter yoke compared to the one of loneliness and despair causing one to sink deeper under its relentless force.  Life is unfair and unpredictable. Yet despite its fragile façade, an opportunity exists to grasp what the world cannot contain.  Yes, we follow a once vagabond King without hiding his poverty or humiliation because that too is our state of existence…temporarily.  Remember the exhaustion in Mathew 26:38 when Jesus said to His apostles, “My soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to death. Stay here and watch with Me.”  When we courageously replace our greatest fear with the true Authority of Love and Power and become In Christ we are given the strength to be still;  to stay and watch with Him.  Simply put – He’s been there and knows our pain.  This is not a mental trick but a humble choice for power because He is truly with us.  This God who is near is the Good Shepherd who will not abandon any of His flock.  Although these phrases may sound nearly cliché these promises are more than mere words – they are our solution. From birth to crucifixion, the life of Jesus elicits the hearts of the poor in spirit, the meek, those who mourn or seek justice, the merciful, the clean of heart, the peacemakers, and the suffering to follow His dusty path through Calvary into glorification.

            I am not here as a moral cheerleader or pretending to promise that you can simply change the dial on your horror show.  I am here because I know we become more like Christ when we humbly merge together as a caring family instead of braving it alone.  Jesus did not intend a mentorship of radical, lone heroes but rather a compassionate, community under One indomitable Spirit – His Spirit.  Let those who love you comfort you.  Let the compassion come in like the Christ you dare to choose over despair.


One family.

In Christ.


Love conquers all.



Stay with me 

Suddenly –

My faith now stands crucified,

Naked in catastrophe.


Frozen as if paralyzed.

Depression is all I see.

Willingly –

Listening, I close my eyes,

Asking Christ to watch with me.


Alone no more,

God stays with me,

And holds me through

My Gethsemane.


© 2011 By Chris Clody 1/25/11



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