The Negotiation…

Often I consider the necessity and power of prayer which ranges from begging to feeling aloft in awestruck wonder.  At times I feel I’m engaged in a fierce negotiation in which I struggle, nearly argue, yet fully aware that my near-sighted and emotional petitions plead to possibly alter an already perfect will.  If I believed I had an inner-child, he would be screaming, “What’s the point!” But deep within, well beyond the concept of an inner-imp, an itchy restlessness engages a need for my fervent prayer.  I believe we are all born restless, yet focusing that angst towards The One who infused us with it may well be the difference in hearts captured by grace.  I also believe that this restlessness is the seed of our morality that is constantly nudged by the Holy Spirit towards doing meaningful works in the conviction of God’s will.  Despite how others may numb the innate purpose of restlessness it still remains the precious pearl of communicating the worthy news of hope.  As I drove to work yesterday, I doubt other drivers on the road noticed my tears or my intense conversation with God for allowing just one miracle for complete restoration of a young child’s health. Impatient for God’s intervention while conscious of His perfect will and how He works all things for good is best described as “frustatingly awesome.” It simply is overwhelming to consider His orchestration that still beckons my prayers, my actions, my growing gratitude, and my sorrows all for the sake of humble love. The very knowledge that God is infinitely beyond my understanding helps focus my restlessness into fervency and incessant negotiation.  Prayer is our hidden love in a relationship the world around us rarely gets to hear. The love of God is breath-taking as much as it is life-giving.  The love of God deserves our attention.  The impact of the obedient and radical love of Jesus forever gouged a valley of tears in humanity’s historical consciousness.   Yet it is this very sorrow that meets us in our crisis that finally calms the restlessness to see the silver linings framing life’s ominous clouds. It leaves me thunderstruck to realize the silver lining is backlit by the glorified hope and prayer of Christ himself.  Therefore, believe in prayer as much as God believes in you.


Talk to Him.





Please Hear My Prayer 

Please Lord, give me that mustard seed –

Faith that stirs Grace to intercede.

To move mountains to where I plead –

Please Lord, give me that mustard seed.


Dare I question your perfect will,

And just accept life’s bitter pill,

Or beg for Grace to cast what kills?

Dare I question your perfect will?


Restlessness breathes my fervent prayer,

That robs the life of my despair.

Boldly approaching to declare,

Before your Throne, please hear my prayer.

© 2011  By Chris Clody 1/27/11


2 thoughts on “The Negotiation…

  1. I believe that prayer is our recognition to the fact that God does have a prefect will for each of us. We as Christ follower are seeking the guiding strength of the Holy Spirit to show us in our journey to strive for that direction of what God’s Will would be for each of us as individual Christ followers. We all fall short daily, but through continuous prayer God sees our awareness that we recognize the matters of our hearts. Through His Great Love gives us the strength to continue on our walk with Him knowing that the His Ultimate Will for us is life everlasting with Him. We, then can ask Him all the why questions at that time which I’m sure we will not even think of or be need for to ask. For at that time His Prefect Will have been realized!!!!

    • Thanks Duane! I agree that prayer is “our recognition” of a restless wonder. A wonder that is as real in us as the empathy we feel for others that hurt. A wonder that somehow recognizes a real sense of love found nailed to a Cross at Calvary that evokes a deep need within us that this world simply cannot fill. Prayer is our soul singing through us which encourages the new harmony of humility and gratitude. Prayer truly is “our recognition!”

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