Walk in Love – Faith will follow.

Sometimes I wonder if Christian lingo, those certain phrases, invites or repels the pair of ears God puts before us.  Faith to a Christian is nearly well-defined, yet outside their holy huddle their words can be hazy and nebulous.  The Bible is a mountain of unusual history sometimes understood literally while other times veiled in allegories and murky parables.  Trekking up to its summit of meaning and usefulness to some is overwhelming and uninspiring.  It is…unless there is love.  Faith must be more than the absorption of mounds of dry knowledge necessary for opportunities of regurgitation.  Faith must compliment the living God that awakens our hearts to His inexhaustible love.  Faith before love is the cart before the horse.  Love can truly overcome – even those unwilling to hike the difficult terrain of sacred scripture.  It is every Christian’s willingness to walk, hike, climb and even repel down by Love to raise up the cross of our faith.  As difficult as it is to contemplate The Will that is perfect and holy, we must not feel defeated and “make camp” in despair but inspired to continue towards its glorious summit.

Friends, we must first walk in love to beckon new faith to follow.  Let us not rent our robes to display contempt within the ambient immorality of God’s irreverent, but rather, open our hearts with every vulnerability so that His Mercy shines through us.  Without courageously hearing another’s broken heart in need of mercy and forgiveness, Christianese becomes a distant monologue.  Yet, it is that very love we can no longer hold for ourselves that will bring forth a new, rich appreciation of our language for God.  We soon realize the need for community bound by fellowship as our unique abilities divinely infused in us merge to reflect the gratitude of His Will.  Certainly the communing into one body is stronger than its individual members. As we unite we finally realize we no longer have to climb that mountain…we just move it. Truly, Love conquers all.

Love your neighbor,



Until they heard Love 

Her love has left him.

His heart screams in pain.

Forgiveness seems impossible,

Raging eyes now tear with shame.

 Another heart waits

For its final beat.

For life was only cruel to her,

And can’t approach God’s Mercy Seat.


Until they heard Love,

Proclaimed like no other.

Love that cared to hear –

Doubt could not smother.

Mercy, Forgiveness,

Soon purged their darkened heart.

True Love now led them,

As the horse to its cart.


Faith now grew and followed,

Yes Faith, now grew and followed.

©2011 by Chris Clody 2/16/11


One thought on “Walk in Love – Faith will follow.

  1. Sometimes the most loving & ‘Christian’ thing we can do for our neighbor, isn’t always quoting from Scripture, but being the ‘imitator’ of Christ, like the Apostle Paul. This includes what we say, how we say it, & how we interact with our neighbor – who can be a family member, friend, church fellow, or the beggar on the street. This manifestation of our Lord Jesus is then revealed to others. Then, when we share the eternal, unbreakable bond of salvation with God, when He causes us to be ‘born again,’ with others, we share that Gospel of good news like the Apostle Peter did, ‘with gentleness & reverence’ (1 Peter 3:15). I just attended a Bible study where some people are having difficulty with ‘Christianese,’ & through the mercy, grace, & intervention of God, it was revealed to us that there are those who are still ‘drinking the milk, & aren’t quite ready for the solid food of the Word yet’ (1 Corinthians 3:2). Praise God that He reveals the truth of His free gift of salvation in a manner that even babes can understand it – Jesus’ finished work on the cross. Amen! In Christ, Steve.

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