Knock, knock…

     Take a minute to close your eyes and press your hands over your ears.   Listen to the rhythmic sounds of your muffled heart at work between each inhale.  To me, “hearing” those vibrations are deafening and uncomfortable.  It isn’t long before I must remove my hands from my head to seek a sense of normalcy and relief.  Now, with hands by my sides, I can’t hear my heartbeat but I know its there.  What if each heartbeat was Jesus knocking to be let out. Yeah…, I know we all prefer the gentleman Jesus politely knocking outside a door that can only be opened from the inside – but how would we respond if we “heard” him pounding from inside our chest trying to get out.   I’m referring to the same Jesus that cleared the temple who now resides in your heart – your temple.  Don’t misunderstand me, I still marvel at the wisdom and patience of the Almighty that waits on creation’s invite.  It most certainly makes sense in guiding people from sure death to incorruptible life in recognizing their response to God’s gentle knocking.  Since I can only partially judge myself, I often question if I truly let Christ into my every moment.  It is impossible to let a portion of God into our lives despite our selfish need to control. Opening that door is like opening a lion’s cage that roars with unhesitating, radical love.  This love is beyond our control and, if this analogy holds, is probably why most people don’t keep lions as pets. I hope that pounding you now hear is the beat of  insatiable love.  Suddenly we become that little drummer boy playing for God’s ravenous hunger and unquenchable thirst for all souls desperate for His consuming love.  Maybe in a spiritual sense, the conviction of our responses are best heard when the Holy Spirit presses His hands against our ears.  

His Peace,


Judah’s Pounding 

The cage now opens,

Restless hearts awake.

Radical love pounds…-

Freedom feels heartache,

Seeking its jailbreak.


First come muffled sounds,

Like far away drums.

Heartbeats shake my chest,

Helpless I succumb…

Love has overcome.


©2011 by Chris Clody 3/3/11



Two quick questions…

Do you think allowing God in our life is all or nothing?  

How important is following the commands of Jesus to love important to our salvation?




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