Prosperity conceals what adversity reveals…

Character.   When everything is going according to “plan”, we easily insulate our insecurities within layers of confidence and generosity.  However, if the immortality of self-reliance collides with life’s fragility, then adversity unmasks our vulnerability to expose our true character.  It’s possible to hide our character from others but not from God.  God is the Great Eye that sees through the onion skin of our independence and into the heart of every intention that moves us.  Hopefully we learn to always give thanks since God rains on both the just and unjust to see our motives and show the world the difference faith makes.  From horrific tribulation to outstanding windfalls of fortune, God waits and sees the heart that turns heavenward or inward.  Our investment in God starts when we cast away veils that hide our humility through repentance and demonstrate our need for redemption.  Christianity is a communion of necessary but dependent parts aware that death is ultimately found in selfish autonomy.  Love is not autonomous – nor is God.   The Father, Son and Holy Spirit exists in the ultimate, eternal harmony extending an invitation to all.  The faithful are summoned to respond differently by doing the will of the Father as mentored by the obedience we witnessed in Jesus.  Christianity fails in the opiate of self-righteousness and piety by judging instead of forgiving the sinner.   Only through the humility of serving others because of the dignified image of God they carry can fists become open hands that once again join and work as one.  This re-uniting through non-judgmental conflict resolution  proliferates as it breathes the oxygen of repentance and forgiveness allowing love to conquer and operate.   We are not islands.  We are mortally wounded components of an organism dragging itself towards its only cure.  Our wound is our mortality and only Christ can offer the afflicted an exchange for His incorruptible life.  Although many will reject, all will be offered the majesty of Jesus because God is both faithful and fair.  The will of the Father is our dusty path to witness Calvary and see for ourselves the true intention of a crucified man and a loving God.  Jesus can only recognize His servants by the will of His Father through the cross we carry.  The warmth of Christ’s friendship and redemptive rays shine either on a lifetime of obedience or in the humble profession of a man’s dying gasp.  Both the redeemed will gratefully arrive in eternity escaping the fire now roaring for the unredeemed.  When finally breathing  joy unspeakable and absorbed into the ultimate harmony of God, the chance to express our true gratitude will be found in the gifts of our purified intentions stored for us in Heaven. 

God is real.  God is Love.  Run to Him.

His Peace,


What are the different forms of prosperity that may be an obstacle to God?

2 thoughts on “Prosperity conceals what adversity reveals…

  1. When everything is going according to “plan”, we easily insulate our insecurities within layers of confidence and generosity. – What a thought – I had to discern on that. Perhaps said another way – our fears are played out on a stage of insecurity by acts of generosity. Perhaps a way to cope with our fear is to be generous to those that suffer what we fear? The person that fears loss helps the homeless, one that fears abuse is generous to the abused, and those that fear addiction support the addicted. I hope in this an act we allow the Lord to use our fear instead of hiding from what we fear. I am not sure, are you?

    • Wow Jim…sounds like we need to share a cup of coffee! I think you further distilled down this concept beautifully. The question now is “why?” Why does one who understands a particuliar fear extend their charity to another suffering from that very fear. It seems ironic that a former drug addict would plunge themself back into that sordid and dangerous world they barely escaped from to help pull another out. However, it is the successful escapee that knows the way out that can provide the trapped a tangible life-line of hope. One of my favorite quotes by Mother Teresa is “A life not lived for others is not a life.” The escapee is always a humble survivor not a brash hero arriving on snorting, white stallion. The escapee knows how little and fragile a human is – which is fertile soil for true compassion. Fear and crisis are the mortal’s desperate reminder and need of creation’s escape route. A route that starts when we pick up our fear of unforgiveness and follow the only survivor to our escape route to the hope in forgiveness. The burden or cross we carry is first meant to break our our egos of superiority and independence until we find humility. Everyone will carry the cross of sin’s consequence which seems to play out like genetic roulette spraying bullets on the just and unjust. The cross of bitterness and rebellion will crush all who favor what only the world can offer. However, those crosses begin to glow in the reflection of known forgiveness as one responds to their burden by giving thanks to the promise of glorified forgiveness.
      Sorry if it seems that I strayed but I’m just extending your concept Jim. For it is the very escape route of Christianity to love one another which finds only it’s purest intention when we love God. It is true that God did not give us fear but He gratefully permits it. For God works all things for His good. Give thanks to God!
      I still owe you a cup a coffee! Great question my friend – please share if you have any other thoughts or reply to what I wrote.
      His Peace,

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