Surrender towards fruition

Are we known by the fruit we bear?  Since we can only see ourselves dimly, one could honestly say we barely know ourselves.  If, and ony if, Jesus knows us, then the few narrowly trodding in the shadow of His obedience will be given the divine vision to finally see themselves and God.  It will be in that timeless instant of eternity that one will know what has been graciously hidden from our earthly eyesight.  Although our present vision can recognize the fruit of another’s service, the branch of true intentions and heart’s surrender from which this fruit sways is seen only by our Holy Judge.  Consider the fruit from the inspired penning of the life-saving gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or the tenacious leadership of Peter and Paul.  Now consider the most precious fruit ever surrendered in complete innocence from a favored virgin’s womb.  Imagine if we could borrow just a glimpse of divine vision to truly see and finally know the splendor of  God’s purpose. 1 Corinthians 13:12 declares, “For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face.  Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.”  1 Corinthians 13:12 is our true inspiration not to judge what we dimly see.

His Peace,


Tell me, how do you think God sees us now? 

What potential did Jesus see as He wearily looked down from His cross and begged the Father to “forgive them for they know not what their doing?”


2 thoughts on “Surrender towards fruition

  1. Wow, what a question! How God sees us now….. I think as you beautifully stated, God is able to not only see the fruit of our works, but just as importantly, the intentions and desires of our heart. He is able to see the much larger picture that we can not always see in our fellow man, both in terms of the intentions of our hearts and the degree of our surrender, as well as in the intentions of His plans for us as individuals as contributing members of the body of Christ, including the degree to which we choose to cooperate in this plan. After all, He has given us the gift of free will, and I can imagine that despite His endless depth of mercy and love for us, it may be disheartening at times to see so many not surrender to or even open ourselves up enough to be aware of and docile to the touch the Holy Spirit trying to communicate this message/plan to us a mist the noise and distractions of our world. I know I needed a big time wake up call to quiet myself enough just to BEGIN to learn how to be docile to the touch of the Spirit and the desires of our Lord.

    While I believe that during Christ’s passion He was able to see the many sins of man that were to come, and I cringe at what pain this must have caused our precious Jesus (enough for our dear Savior to sweat blood from his precious head), I like to think that maybe when the Father sent angels to tend to Jesus in the Garden, and perhaps even on his walk toward Calvary, perhaps Jesus was given the hope and promise of seeing the future of His one, holy, catholic (universal), and apostolic Church flourishing, and the many great saints that would follow in His footsteps, in service of His church and His people. And that indeed, as He told us, His Church would stand strong against the gates of Hell and never perish, and in the process, win many souls for His Father and guide the faithful throughout the centuries, all over the world, along a divine path, rooted in His teachings and in His Church, teaching The Way of living a life that would bring us true happiness on this earth, and even more so, a route to eternal happiness with Him and His Father in Heaven. At least I would like to think that Christ glimpsed this awesome reality of the future of His Chruch, and the salvation of His people, as He surrendered, for love of us, the final moments of His earthly life. Just my reflections based upon your thoughtful questions…….

    • Wow! That was ONE beautiful, gigantic reflection. Thank you Katie! Three phrases/words that made my eyes stop as they sped along your thoughts: Free will, distractions and Holy Spirit. Free will is our fork in the road that must choose to feed the temporal or the eternal. At times I regret, I am but one of the 6 billion selfish animals populating this spinning blue orb, then there are times I feel as if the Glory of God passes through me like a warm shiver letting me know He is my everything. It is the sifting of both God and Devil that tries my faith. I wonder, when my true test comes, when I reach out to the pinnacle of my faith, will my faith be courageous or sheepishly recoil? Yet, despite what seems like a slanted playing board in which the dark morality and greed rule this world, I know deep down inside to be of good cheer for Christ has overcome this world. It is coming to terms with the love that held my crucified hero to that cross. To peer through His wounds opened by my sins to see the sacred heart of His compassion. Love has truly come to save us all…
      In Him we rise,

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