Come to the Well…

Did you ever hear a parent ask what books are available to help them better express to others their deep sense of newfound joy found in their baby.  I could be wrong, maybe there is a Proud Parents for Dummies edition I missed at Barnes & Noble or the Seven Steps of Highly Talkative Parents waiting to be published.  Seriously though, from the countless, first moments of trying to memorize every feature of your child’s face to hearing the quiet coos warming your neck, joy takes an immoveable place in your heart.  Joy stands outside of hardship with a knowledge and conviction that this precious soul now looking at you is worth the road you two will travel.  The moment is overwhelmed with an immediate sense of passionate commitment that fears nothing in safeguarding this miracle before you.  Maternal instinct is not some vague feeling but an innate force that fears no opponent.  There is no need for books on expressing what comes by God’s design for the joyful mother.  Yet, greater than maternal instinct is the faithfulness of our God.  He is an all-consuming fire that carves our names in His hands – the very hands that hold us even when we are too weak.   Great is His Name and incorruptible is His dignity.  He is omniscient, omnipresent and all-powerful.  He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, and the uncreated source of everything.  He is also the well that beckons the thirsty and weary traveler.  Offering all an eternal quenching of Himself.  He has given us everything in His Son, Jesus, as our tangible and reachable destiny.  The footprints leading to life’s destination is littered with rusting pieces of false armor.  Strewn as if hastily disrobed are the corroding trinkets of selfishness and greed near cracked breastplates of pride.  The footsteps grow further apart as if running amid less and less dull pieces of silver glinting from the boil of the hot sun.  The steps abruptly end in knee and palm prints pressing up mounds of dirt around the well.  There one can only fathom that first drink of unspeakable joy, the pure taste of unconditional friendship and love that welcomes the soul in saturating glory.  The end of our baptismal journal – our first taste of home.  Imagine now, that when two or more evoke the name of Jesus, there in between clasped hands and trembling voices, the well of tranquil forgiveness, the messiah of mankind stands in our midst.  The well is always the distance between the curious and the faithful.  Come to the well.  Invite all to come to the well.  No books or learned techniques needed here in the joy of our invitation.  The soul that drinks deep knows no other alternative and humbly takes the hand of the curious in their first repentant steps towards their destiny.  Come to the well.  Come to Jesus. 

Drink deep. 

His Peace,


How do you view evangelization?  Is it uncomfortable or is it like talking about the first love we never knew?    


4 thoughts on “Come to the Well…

  1. Evangelization is something I thought I could never do. However, once I got genuinely ‘saved,’ & realized the path to the eternal lake of fire I was headed for, before Jesus reached into my heart & changed it, & made me aware that even though I ‘believed’ in Him, that ‘intellectual belief’ wasn’t enough. As James, the half-brother of Jesus, correctly warned, the demons also believe in God, yet they shudder. It wasn’t until I was ‘born of the (Living) water (Jesus) & of the (Holy) Spirit’ that I truly ‘got it.’ After realizing the road I was on, it filled with such a desire to warn my fellow man (& woman) about the danger of merely ‘believing’ in Jesus for salvation, but rather being ‘born of water & Spirit’ – acknowledging I am a sinner doomed for hell incapable of attaining salvation on my own, genuinely repenting, accepting the Living Water of Jesus Christ as my SOLE Lord, God, & Savior, & agreeing to allow the Holy Spirit to run my life. The thrill I receive when I have helped lead the lost to the well, just as Jesus did the Samaritan woman, lifts my spirit as another soul escapes the bars of Hell. Just as Jesus made a distinction between the literal stagnant water in the well, with the eternal living water of the Spirit of God that He offered the Samaritan woman, it reminds me of how He offers that same ‘water’ to all who genuinely desires to follow Him – “He who comes to Me shall not hunger, & he who believes in Me shall never thirst” – a familiar song from my childhood, which is so much more refreshing now that I truly understand it from the living word of God. May God bless those who desire the water from “His” well.

    • Hey Steve,
      I always appreciate hearing your love for the Lord. Truly St. James, (no reference to half-brother here), offers a realistic urgency to this concept of true faith. Certainly James pushes us towards that well, not just as simple believers (as you so well put) but doers. The gospel saturates our core and soaks into our knee-jerk responses towards charity. St. James helps us realize that an encounter with the radical love of Christ will change you. Therefore the transformed heart, the born-again, the new creation… will geniunely respond in sorrowful repentance and joyful desire to the leadings of Holy Spirit.
      I certainly agree with your initial statement, “Evangelization is something I thought I could never do.” Yet…”do” (a la St. James) we must – since the gospel is a response to this life and the incorruptible life bargained through Christ. However difficult is to explain being born again, as it was to Nicodemus, it is not hard to understand the gospel acts of love found in Matthew 24:35. It is these inspired writings through Matthew that warn us about that eternal lake of fire prepared for the devil and his demons and those unresponsive to doing the works of charity. I stand firm with Dorothy Day who said we meet Christ through the poor. Dare I say, she met them all at the well.
      Shine on,

  2. I totally agree with you brother about, as James wrote, being ‘doers’ of the word, not just ‘hearers’ of it. Yet it isn’t until we are truly ‘born again’ that God gives us that genuine desire & ability to evangelize, by spreading the Gospel, & be ‘doers.’ This didn’t happen to me until about 6 1/2 years ago, when I got saved, I have kept on going, thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit. I agree, the concept of the meaning of being ‘born again’ is a tough one to grasp, yet not impossible. God is so graceous, He even explains this in depth in His Holy Word. In fact, we just had a Bible study on what Jesus meant & later explained what He meant when He said, “Unless one is ‘born again’ he cannot see the kingdom of God…you MUST be ‘born again.’ If you like, I would be happy to email you my notes. May our Lord bless you!
    In Christ,

    • Well said Steve! Love to see your notes, thanks! Maybe, it would be easier to explain the concept of being “re-born” as realizing the capacity in ourselves to forgive. Although I may see myself as a “good guy” and as much as I would like to accept an apology for being wronged, my heart would still grumble and cling to a need for vengeance. When we “fell from Grace”, I believe we lost the capacity to love God and love neighbor according to God’s will. When a Christian realizes their new capacity to forgive and “give it up to the Lord,” they are not doing this by their own power but through the indwelling power of the Most Holy Spirit. As we allow this new Spirit within us to guide us in responding to the misery we experience during life, we conform to the will of God. We soon become a brighter example of the divine light shining within us to others as we ironically become less respondent to that darkened “spirit” inherited from Adam and Eve’s disobedience. I agree, the intangible concepts of a Christian’s “rebirth” may be difficult to explain, yet one only needs to spend some quiet time staring at a crucifix and imagine Jesus gasping the words, “Forgive them Father for they do not know what they are doing.” Truly, it is through God’s graciousness that He sent us the Holy Spirit. Maybe “re-born” is better explained as an encounter with radical love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
      Shine on bro,

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