The Wisdom of God – Christ crucified.

Gruesome, ridiculous, unwatchable torture deemed necessary for one considered so wicked and blasphemous.  Obviously God, or at least what this man claimed to be,  would never reduce himself to the squalor of creation’s judgment.  Surely he could have been hailed as one of  the greatest prophets until he foolishly spoke the words, “I AM.”  What got into the head of this carpenter to cross that line to invite the stones of our condemnation?  Despite the rabid crowd screaming for crucifixion, many still believed in this man called Jesus.   His silence and his stare, this unexpected look of compassion, would briefly confuse individuals of that blood-thirsty crowd before they were seduced to bite back into that apple of anger. Oh… that apple was irresistible, yet settled sour in the stomach.  Still they took another bite…and then another.   The carousel of unrelenting punishment from the whipping post ended with a slow crucifixion.  The crowd soon fell deathly silent, not by his stare, but by his gasping voice begging God to forgive them.  As the depth of an unknown confusion stole the air from the onlookers yells, the sun hid and the earth seemed to wretch.  Something wasn’t quite right.  This wasn’t ridiculous anymore…

            Next Friday, our sorrow will darken our thoughts and hearts will ache for those who recall that moment when angels held their breath in horror.  Calvary is a bittersweet necessity that shadows every Christian walk.  The bitter repugnance of our need and means towards redemption will also taste the sweetness of God’s victory that soothes our soured bellies.  There on a blood-drenched cross, God persevered until death in utter weakness to enlighten the world with His immeasurable wisdom.   A wisdom that has shown to exceed our capacity to understand love but not so much that we cannot accept it.  The victim of our sorrows and His cross of love and victory is not simply a bridge spanning towards salvation over our vast chasm of sin – He is fill. This is the wisdom of God – Christ crucified.

He Lives,



Love Crucified  

He’s wicked, evil, deserving to die.

Preaching salvation –

For He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He’s just a carpenter – just Mary’s kid!

Challenging reason –

To expose our hearts from the love we hid.

A blasphemer condemned hangs from a cross.

Offers redemption –

Through Him to the Father – our only recourse. 

Christ is more than a bridge o’er sinful wills,

He not only spans this chasm – He fills.


 © 2011 by Chris Clody 4/15/11


What are your thoughts about the wisdom of God?

What does preaching “Christ crucified” mean to you?

5 thoughts on “The Wisdom of God – Christ crucified.

  1. Great reminder, inspiring images, wonderfully written poem! And of course, the most important words He uttered while on the cross – “It is finished!” – that ‘NO ONE comes to the Father, EXCEPT through ME!’ His work was done & He paid our price. We belong to Him. What amazing Grace! Let us never forget what He did for us, & why He did it. The Sinless Lamb became sin, & we became righteous because of Him. Good Friday & Happy Easter, to everyone!

  2. Hi Chris so nice to meet you,I did enjoy your post, very well done.What love,what love God has shown for us in that he gave his best,his only,his only Son!! Thanks for your visit and I’m glad you enjoyed it,have a wonderful evening.
    Love you brother

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