Jesus, asleep on a pillow

…soon to be awakened by terrified disciples watching their tiny boat fill with water from the pounding waves.  Jesus arose and stilled the storm.  Turning to his trembling and ragged crew, He asked, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)  Still sore from the Son of Man’s rebuke, I wonder if the disciples pondered what if they were fearless and faith-filled?   What if one of the disciples drowned if they chose not to awaken Jesus?  What if the one that drowned was Judas?  Something tells me that the death of Jesus was not yet at hand, that he surely would have passed through the midst of this storm untouched like that of an angry crowd that failed to run Him off a cliff.  Fear, faith, free will, and God working all things for good exceeds the reason of this blog and surely any level-headed Christian contemplating divine orchestration.  Compared to the Changeless One, we are a mixed-bag of fear and regrets, faith and confessions, and either sensitive or numb to the Holy Spirit’s jealous nature.  Lately, the weather seems nearly demonic, as floods, tornadoes and wildfires ravage this land we love. To add to our sorrows there are other storms that claim the unborn, break up marriages, cause disease, entice war, and favor the depraved passions of some, which continue to descend upon our culture like insatiable locusts.  Well… should we “awaken” God to fix it all now and just deal with His rebuke later? If Jesus arose and stilled the storm that separates us from God, when do we take action, grow a spiritual spine, and rush to the needs of our brothers and sisters with compassion greater than the weather or the hunger of these persistent locusts?  Although letting an all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present God “sleep” is an impossibility, we must simply believe that come Hell or high water, God will work all things for good.  We must believe in the awesome capacity of love that still flows from the side of a crucified man who now sits glorified at the Father’s right hand.  Christianity is not about self-preservation, maintaining congregations, or divisive theological one-upmanship – it is about grasping the indestructible hem of compassionate love and accepting Christ’s abundant life… not our abundant life.  Compassionate works are the physical manifestation of another’s prayer.  Christianity finds the joy of obedience to a superior will by drowning their selfish tugs of independence into the vast sea of God’s sufficient grace.  Disciples are mere crumbs, broken and shared, from the living loaf of Christ.  Truly, Jesus is our greatest solve for He alone is life for the world.  Therefore, if we believe Jesus stilled our final storm, then in the spirit of God’s will, let’s roll-up our sleeves and help the nearest one in need and let God “sleep.”  

A little faith, like a mustard seed, has the potential to grow a long way.

His Peace,


Fear and Faith


He arose and stilled,

Our every storm.

Awakened from sleep,

Calming fears that swarm.

When will faith be chosen instead of fear?

When will the sprouts from mustard seeds appear?

What fear awakens,

Faith leaves undisturbed.

Faith crosses the street,

Fear clings to the curb.

Confident – assured,

We live for Our King.

For life is endured,

when death has no sting.


©2011 by Chris Clody 4/28/11


3 thoughts on “LET GOD SLEEP

  1. Good question to ponder, Chris – should we let God sleep? Honestly, I don’t know if I can answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this one. Personally (& I could be wrong), but I think He would want us to wake Him up. I agree, if He wasn’t awoken, I don’t think His hour would have come then. However, I think Jesus wants us to realize we need Him in a storm, & when He asked ‘why is your faith so weak?’ I think He is trying to get his disciples to not only trust in Him, but also realize why their faith is weak, & that they can’t calm the storm without Him & to seek Him to calm the storm, just as we should seek Him to calm our storms, & the reality that EVERYONE who has ever lived, from Adam to you & me, has needed a Savior from our sin, since we are all born under the law. Again, this is just one sinner’s take.

    • Thanks Steve for your perspective, and as one sinner to another, I also find this a difficult question. Your reply inspired another post in hopes of seeing this extraordinary gift within us. Certainly , this gift is our lifeline to Christ and His finished work, yet maybe faith is analagous to learning to ride a bike. The milk we drink is like the training wheels before we rip them off, careening downhill with a skillset we learned from our teacher. Like all analagies, mine too falls short of conveying the immeasureable gifts God infuses and the majesty of our Redeemer. Maybe my latest post will help us both dig a little deeper into our bags of awe given to us in this gift of faith. Peace bro.

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