Stepping Out in Faith

…while plunging into fear. 

Courage begins with a first step.

Whether they were the cowardly lion’s first paw print onto the yellow brick road, or those darkening the doorway of an alcoholic’s first AA meeting, or the 343 dusty pairs of boots belonging to the NYFD that never returned from the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, each step drew from an infused reserve.  Courageous decisions are the given ability to withdraw the necessary bravery invested from years of smaller choices that test our character wrought from genuine love of both God and neighbor.  Although we may spend years dipping our toes testing the water, we do so knowing one day… sink, swim or walk…we will step out of that boat and confront the depths of our fears.   For some women, it may be the slow road of regaining confidence in oneself and in another before possibly committing again to a trusting relationship with a man despite the violence and betrayal experienced in her last relationship.  The crack addict knows there is no bottom to their fears and the hopeful freedom from addiction just may ascend like an air bubble as they sink deeper and deeper into the cold, dark depths. Whether it’s the abused, the addicted or St. Peter – fear burdens all.   Encouragement doesn’t lighten the first, heavy steps towards hope, it strengthens them.  Jesus stands outside the boat beckoning all from atop the water into His soul-building program exercising God’s will of faith, hope and charity.  Encouragement stills us to the point of epiphany that we walk by faith… even on top of water.  Therefore, let us recognize the power in our words and their ability to strengthen weary legs burdened by fear.  If necessary, use words to spread the gospel of hope to the embattled confidence of those wounded by regret.   Fear and regret must be abandoned for true life born in forgiveness.   There is only one source of this life and it beckons all who have ears to hear His invitation.  Today, help someone know that the power of forgiveness is available to those able to step out in faith when Jesus says,”Come!”

His Peace,



He Beckons Me


He beckons me…constantly.

To walk above my fears.

Dare to be free…fearlessly.

To take one step from here,

Just…one…step from here.


Regrets become weightless,

Walking in His power,

Drawn to His forgiveness,

Where death is soon devour’d.


Salt stings my wounds…incess’ntly,

My faith weakens to fears.

I cry for Him…desperately,

To raise me up from here,

Lord…raise me from here.


Once again I’m weightless,

And held like a flower.

Delicate and precious,

Knowing peace cannot sour.


Returning to the boat,

Until He calls me home.

Encouraged once again,

To face the fierce sea-foam.


….’cause still He beckons me.


© 2011 by Chris Clody 5/9/11



What makes Christianity uncomfortable to you? 

Does it take courage to have faith?

2 thoughts on “Stepping Out in Faith

  1. There are two things that ‘scare’ me when I share the gospel. The first, is knowing that when you share the gospel with unbelievers, trying to explain that Jesus is the only Way to the Father, & not their religious beliefs of doing ‘good works.’ Even explaining the incredible sacrifice that He went through for us, & that there is nothing that we need to ‘do’ to enter Heaven, many times won’t convince them. The second thing that scares me about sharing the gospel is when other Christians believe that Jesus isn’t the only Way. It crushes my heart to hear brothers & sisters in Christ who believe that people of other religions can deny Christ & still get to heaven based on their good works. That somehow, Christ’s shed blood on the cross, even covers those who reject Him, even though it is that rejection that condemns us all. However, I have to remember, that I once rejected Him as the only Way to heaven, until He used someone to witness to the Truth to me – my mother. So, now I use that memory to give me the courage that she had, to witness to others who are just as blind as I once was – but now, I see! God bless my mother & sister in Christ!

    In Christ,

  2. Stepping Out in Faith
    A couple of Sunday’s ago we were in LA for mass and the priest challenged us in this very matter. He told of his experience as he traveled with his “collar on” and his “collar off.” It made me think as a traveler myself, do I travel with “collar on” or “collar off?” On one hand, when you travel you seem to be more open and free to share the gospel – “no harm no foul.” Since you are unlikely to meet those you know you are uninhibited and able to speak freely. People seem to listen better to a foreigner in their land. Even Jesus spoke of this. My most interesting experience was while being guided by a young lady in Shanghai, China during the Christmas season I was overwhelmed by the Christmas decorations. When I asked my guide if China celebrated Christmas the answer was, we love Christmas in China. When I asked if she knew what Christmas was all about she replied rather proudly – Yes, it is the holiday of giving presents. When I told her no it is the holiday of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, she said – Who is this Jesus Christ? As I spoke to her of this Jesus Christ and the next day as we attended mass it became obvious to me it is so much easier to share the gospel in a foreign land to a willing learner. So why is it so much more difficult to do this at work, to our neighbor, or in our “home court” so to speak? I pray that God gives me the strength and courage to step out to those I know and love, to those I have a familiarity, as well as to strangers.

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