Safe In HIS Arms…

Even when Joplin, Mo. looks like a lumberyard… 

Even when arrogance, veiled in false humility, predicts the second coming of Christ…  Even when marriages are failing, children are starving, and christian missionaries taste their own blood dripping from persecution…  What dare propels me or others drenched in the hope of resurrection to proclaim this concept of “safety” amid the constant wreckage from life’s storms?

 It is hope beyond hope.  However, hope is as real as the hand that pulls your two-year old daughter from the shredded lumber of what once was your home.  Hope is as real as friends, family and counselors encouraging broken hearts to join once again to reach and recommit to distant vows once spoken in love.  It is the prayers and assistance given to missionaries and underprivileged areas to feed the hungry bellies of our most prized possession; our children.   Still we must believe in a hope beyond hope that collides with its next challenge racing towards its path.   Hope in the resurrection is more than a rudder but a chance to finally gain sure footing on this trembling earth.  This ultimate belief in forgiveness leading to unparalleled joy of reunion with our Creator sees true hope as the coming rainbow after the unstoppable storms of today.  It is this new hope that was forever set in motion by the awe of an empty grave.  It is hope that continues in individual perseverance to drag the cross of broken realities with tired bodies and joyful hearts.  We continue to trudge with traction because the true footing offered on this rock of forgiveness is our stepping stone towards an incorruptible life with God.  Yes, we are safe in His arms if we embrace the One who makes all things new.   Jesus is not some light at the end of the tunnel, He IS the light of both hope, Heaven and Earth.   Embracing true hope because of the merits of Jesus does not paralyze one’s viewpoint into endless lists of do’s and don’ts, but ripens our perspective towards life’s ultimate purpose and path.  The very fact that faith, hope and charity still exist undeterred by the winds of unforgiveness, pessimism, and selfishness cannot be by our own human abilities.  Whether we realize it or not, Grace, the very air of the Kingdom at hand, fills our lungs with boundless possibilities to share the very nature of God.   Mother Teresa said it best, where there is love, there is God…or should I simply say, “hope beyond hope.”

Seek first,


Has a relationship with Christ redefined your understanding of the word “hope?”


4 thoughts on “Safe In HIS Arms…

  1. It is that Hope – not like the hope that one wonders if He will ever come – but the Hope we can be ASSURED of that was promised. Not the hope worrying that He might not come, but rather the Hope that He WILL come at a ‘day nor hour’ that none of us knows, except the Father. It is this Hope that Romanian Christians like Richard Wurmbrandt clung to, because they KNEW that Jesus was there in his darkest hours during Nazi Germany, & then again in Communist Russia, when Christians were being persecuted simply for being followers of the Great Hope. I was encouraged after reading “Tortured for Christ.” My hope is that everyone would read this book, & whatever we are going through, we can be reminded of the truly, saving faith the he shared with the likes of people like Job. When our own fleshly hope diminishes, we can know that the Hope we long for as believers never diminishes.

  2. Thanks Steve! I too am slowly getting through “Tortured for Christ” and find it encouraging. It’s a bit of a choppy read but one can easily move past that to see its intentions. I also believe “Night” by Elie Weisel which reminds the reader of the horrors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald during 1944-45, may sear into our minds and hearts the need to remember and the reason for hope.

  3. I love reading your blogs. Your style of writing is different than my more casual, ‘talk it out’ style, but very beautiful, and while the styles are different, your thoughts are very similar to mine. In Him there is hope, and I am so grateful for that. Thank you! I look forward to reading more!


    • I truly love the diversity of styles I come in contact with out in the blogosphere. It reassures me that we all have keys to different locks. Thaks for your kind words! Peace, Chris

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