Why did God become flesh?

Heaven and Earth embraced at the moment of Christ ‘s conception. 

Stop and imagine why God chose to start as a zygote, actually “yoked” to the unusual innocence of a virgin’s gamete to become a fertilized, “sinless” cell:  the earliest stage of an embryo.  God became flesh at THIS point… Why did God start there?  In order to completely redeem every possible nuance of human existence, God had to become fully human while also remaining fully God.  Ranging from miscarriage, birth defects from genetic abnormality or environmental agents, abortion, all the way to the birth of a “healthy” child, nothing has escaped the details of God’s redemptive plan.  My soul joins Mary’s in magnifying the Lord along with her awe in asking, “How can this be?”  Truly, our God is intimate, faithful and patient in guiding humanity to choose through His gift of free will, a path pre-ordained for our ultimate freedom and exile.   It is my constant appreciation for Mary’s choice to humbly accept God’s will for incarnation that sings among the generations that still call her blessed.  Still, it begs the question, why did God choose to become flesh?  Why does He care about our bodies and not simply our soul?  Choosing to quickly connect the dots, we seem to be returning to our original sinless state in Eden.  “Returning”, that is, by God’s orchestration and by the Grace obtained through the merits of Christ won for us at Calvary.  Yet, like the biblical silence describing most of Christ’s life, questions regarding God’s incarnation along with His reason to redeem our bodies continues to bang my contemplation bone.  Maybe, that silence is not really silence at all.  Maybe that answer is blaring at a frequency or dimension that only glorification enables us to hear and understand.  Like seeing an invisible Kingdom at hand through faith, the mysteries of an unsearchable God is better obeyed than sometimes understood.  Simply put – God’s commands are sufficient for our obedience.  I believe, it is the diligent heart for God that recognizes and responds to these commands with joyful obedience.   Despite our tendency towards professing a rather complete understanding of all things biblical, we should learn to rest in the mystery of this strong tower.   Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should study and research all sacred scripture within their context and traditions, however, we are still limited in plumbing the intentions of God and the capacity of the spiritual world surrounding us.  God does, however, intend that all reach for salvation through His son Jesus.   There is joy and blessing in simply believing without a need to touch the pierced hands that will present the hearts Jesus knows to His Father.  If you stumbled upon this blog expecting a clear answer behind the reason for the incarnation, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.  However, the unknowable depths of God beckons the curious to the broken-hearted with a concept of love that never ceases to dull in its exploration.  In fact, God so loved us,  He unexpectedly wrapped the incarnation’s purpose in blood, sweat, bruises and thorns.   With the possible exception of the soul of an innocent victim’s mother pierced in fulfilled prophecy, onlookers did not understand the purpose of God allowing the crucifixion of Christ.  It wasn’t until later when the hem of this mystery rolled back far enough to reveal to the rest of the world that the crucifixion of Christ was not just another Roman execution but a sacrifice yoked eternally to love.

God with us…


God Became Flesh 

When God became flesh,

to walk amid our sorrows,

He blazed a new path,

To redeem our tomorrows,

if we simply follow…


Trust is measured between each footprint,

taken in sufficient light ,

Obedience sets one’s face like flint,

Love takes hold and fear takes flight.


When God became flesh,

Silence was His chosen way,

Heaven falls to Earth,

Angels watching bow to pray,

and speaks one Word to say…


We could not grasp the depth of our need,

Yet smiled a toothless grin.

Unfathomable that love must bleed

Washing rain upon our sin.


And now we wait ’til He comes again.


©2011 By Chris Clody 5/31/11



What amazes you about the Incarnation?

What commands given by Jesus do you find difficult to do or understand their purpose?

2 thoughts on “Why did God become flesh?

  1. What amazes you about the Incarnation?

    Love. That God Himself, in all of his timeless power, might, knowledge and glory would make himself SO low to become human in all of our frailty. And not just any human, but as you said, as a helpless cell that grew into a baby born into poverty. What LOVE our God must have for us to be incarnated into our humanity and to live and die the way he did for us! What LOVE!! What a perfect King of both power and might and at the same time such love and mercy – this amazes me!

    • I agree Katie! It seems that just when I think I ‘ve plumbed the concept of Divine love, comments like yours, just send me reeling back into that awe for Our God and His amazing Grace. I like your words of a “helpless cell”…Imagine the God from which planets tumbled from His fingertips becomes a helpless cell. Truly this is no ordinary faith!
      His Peace, Chris

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