The Space That God Fills

If children fill a space in our heart we never knew was empty, then just imagine what God fills.  I believe it is the joy of God to fill what we leave empty for Him.

 From the mundane drudgery to life’s explosive moments of glory, we have the opportunity to express gratitude to the One who draws us near.  Although our gratitude is enjoyed by God, it is our acknowledgement of our need for Him:  our need of a Savior.  More than some mysterious bridge spanning an insurmountable chasm between death and life in Him, Jesus is the ultimate fill for everything gouged out by creation as unredeemed.  Without exception, Jesus the Christ is our only door that we must open to reckon with the blessed Trinity.  Amazingly, like realizing the fulfillment of unexpected delight in children, we all must come to the personal understanding that the space God fills in us was once occupied by Him before we broke our trust with Him.  As the disobedience made way for collapsing priorities in successive generations wrought from the want of forbidden fruit, the chasm between us and hope grew in our blindness of self-gratification.  The lost intimacy once shared by Adam and Eve now incessantly yearns for a presence the satisfying lusts of this world cannot fill. “Finding God” is certainly an unusual concept considering the fact He is ever-present. Rather, it is humility and gratitude that wipes the sleep from our eyes of new faith in incorruptible hope.  Our soul craves to recapture the lost intimacy and the opportunity to experience the gift of eternal life through Christ.  Beyond the concept of a personal relationship, finding God must extend our very selves in trust, talent and treasure and entrust it all into the very real person of Jesus Christ.  Beyond hope, beyond faith, beyond any miracle, the prize of Christianity is our unworthy courtship of divine immortality.  To some, that profess the gospel as a response to life, it becomes clear that “our hearts cannot rest until they rest in God.” (St. Augustine). 

Many however, like never knowing the gift we have in children, pass through everyday moments not aware of creation’s desperate strive to gather what only God can give. Yet, it is the hope of those who cry out in misery, in want of change, that finally realize a God-sized hole exists within them that is unveiled in repentance.  As our need is unveiled, the haunting sorrows of unknown fulfillment that have quietly shadowed our life becomes an anchor for new trust instead of hopeless despair.  Magnifying God in our life allows the light of His victory to shine through the many cracks of our fallibility to draw the curious still searching in the dark.  Only in the light of Christ’s forgiveness do we become broken beacons of hope. Although a “personal relationship” with God is not like a personal relationship we have with friends, it remains the clarion call to creation by Christ that He must know you so that the faithful can recognize and answer His call.  Intimacy with Christ holds no equal, therefore, seek first His presence to awaken the hope God knit deep within.  

The Space That God Fills


I’m blind to His Ever-Presence,

An empty house with windows shut.

Still my soul longs for His fragrance,

Wandering like a masterless mutt,

“Lonely,” growls my ravenous gut.


Sorrow awakens my slumber,

Still my vision is dimmed somewhat.

Windows open unencumbered,

My heart and soul fills with wonder.


Forgiveness lights internal hope,

Luring lost sisters and brothers,

That hang from the end of their rope.


Standing as one in the space that God fills,

Completely forgiven by the Grace of His will.


 ©2011 by Chris Clody 6/22/11


2 thoughts on “The Space That God Fills

  1. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord & Savior & humble ourselves like children, Jesus tells us that we are greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1-4), which belongs to babies & children (Matthew 19:14; Luke 18:15-17). Why would anyone not want to fill that ‘God-shaped hole’ in our hearts that only Jesus can fill & have our names recorded in Heaven like those of infants (Luke 10:20-21)? He offers us so much for so little. Our personal relationship with God can be much closer – and much more personal – if we allow Jesus to fill our God-shaped hole & enter our heart. Job knew this better than anyone, despite all the evil that was allowed to happen to him – yet he did not curse or rebuke God. Job even knew that infants who died in the womb were ‘at rest’ in Heaven (Job 3:16-17). King David was comforted when his 7-day-old infant died – despite not being circumcized – because he knew that his son was at home with God in heaven & that one day he ‘will go to him’ (2 Samuel 12:23). If God loves infants so much, who don’t have the ability to accept Jesus as their Lord & Savior, that He would save them from the pits of eternal damnation, how much more delighted is He when one of His ‘older’ creations says ‘yes’ to Him & we become adopted as His son or daughter in Christ? I pray more people will come to the knowledge of this truth & TRUE joy & happiness, which can only be fulfilled in this relationship like no other. Peace! One of God’s adopted, Steve.

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