Is Redemption Enough?

…Or is the promise of the Gospel in need of miracles, mystics, a “Word” from God, speaking in tongues, and other lavish mysteries that find some purpose or place in faith really a necessity in advancing the unique promise of hope found in Jesus Christ?   The path to redemption is a choice and a perspective.  Although this promise that thunders from Calvary is freely offered, we must choose to accept it and what it entails.  Despite how today’s leaders continue to slice and dice their distinct flavor of Christian discipleship there can only be one road.  Before placing one foot in front of the other on this dusty path back to Calvary, it is imperative to encounter the man, the innocent victim, hanging at the cross or the focus of both our faith and endurance cannot survive.  Coming face to face with the brutalized body that stood in our place we fall sorrowfully silent in realizing what was necessary to set us free.  Here in the stillness of death, no miracles, no “Word” from God, no speaking in tongues, or other indefinable mysteries are necessary here less the knowledge of our need and the thick air holding the wisdom of God’s unmatched love.  This unexpected door to our redemption is ours to open if we so choose.  If an eternity of joy unspeakable awaits beyond this door of horrific contradiction, then surely before it must rest our fearlessness.   To clarify, it is not by my own heroic ability to press on but knowing that my march towards Calvary’s door will weather any fear of doubt that will surely buffet me.  Yes, the helps that surround me, both seen and unseen, will encourage and strengthen my gait but nothing will turn my gaze from my Jesus.  It is Isaiah (50:7) who says, “ For the Lord GOD will help Me; Therefore I will not be disgraced; Therefore I have set My face like a flint, And I know that I will not be ashamed.”   Like the innocent victim before me, I will obey my marching orders.  It is the promise of redemption that beckons the soul and empowers the heart.  It is our real need of redemption that must be spoken in gentleness that will forever infuse a new song in discipled hearts for God.

Walk in Truth.

His Peace,


No Fear


Such Bittersweet emotions

Start to wash all over of me.

I stand before my Jesus,

Whose violent death sets me free,

…hangs silently from a tree.


Both joy and sorrow collide,

Redefining God’s great Love,

Unable to understand,

This gift I’m unworthy of

Paid in full by Heaven’s Dove.


Fearless now I stand in Christ.

My faith encased in concrete,

Freedom bought by shameless price,

I must march to God’s heartbeat.


©2011 by Chris Clody 7/6/11


What helps you focus on finishing the race




4 thoughts on “Is Redemption Enough?

  1. What helps me focus on finishing the race? It is nothing that I have done or did; it is Christ within me. Knowing that my strength and stamina come soley from Jesus helps me focus. There is nothing I can do, but receive His grace. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (phil 4:13)

    • Wow! One of my favorite scriptures…how did you know? Maybe the better question is,”How does a Christian decrease so as to magnify Christ (who strengthens them) in their life? Let me explain…my question is dealing with our free will, a gift given to us by God, and God’s will. The question of how to “better receive His Grace” is not a slick attempt to blur the line of “earning Grace”, which is a misnomer,but a choice to choose and act upon and within the true freedom of God’s will. Christianity is a chance to become the hands and feet of Christ – a true adventure. Do you believe we are more than cups God chooses to simply fill that don’t act or is there something more. Again, thank you for the perfect scripture! His Peace, Chris

  2. Even John the Baptist said, “”He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). Many congregations, distract from Jesus’ finished work on the cross, including the whole ‘speaking in tongues’ which is really all about the Holy Spirit coming on the disciples at Pentecost causing them to communicate the gospel in KNOWN foreign languages (Acts 2:8-11). Sadly, this has been turned into speaking in gibberish (“tongues”) as evidence if someone truly has the Holy Spirit in them or not. There are so many Pentecostals that don’t get this, & in the end, really stifles the power of the Holy Spirit. However, even our ability to have faith in Him for salvation is a gift from God & “not of our ourselves” (Ephesians 2:8-9). I agree, we can’t “earn grace,” since by definition grace is “unmerited” or “unearnable.” Grace is also a gift from God, which causes us to have faith in Him for salvation, “and not of ourselves.”

    • Thanks Steve. The inspiration to write my last blog is my feeble attempt to shine a light on our prize – which is redemption. I didn’t write to discredit certain Christian expressions but focus it. Despite all the fish symbols glued to the back of cars, it appears that when mortality shows its fragility, many run in the opposite direction seeking miracles, “words”, visions ….instead of being still and giving thanks regardless. I continue to learn and grow from dear friends who face mortality’s brinkmanship as they cope with a childhood cancer while others pray for an elder’s broken hip. My clarion call to all Christians is to first settle in our minds once and for all the reality of redemption. If redemption through Christ is real (and I believe it is) then death truly has lost its sting. I do not fear death. Period. If life’s greatest fear is removed, loneliness is forever conquered, and we decrease as God magnifies within us, then we finally become “more human as God intended” as our purpose conforms to His will. I believe that ultimate freedom in God is allowing Christ, the One who died in our stead, live vicariously through us. It is the action, NOT INACTION, preached by Matthew and Isaiah, to feed and clothe the marginalized to allow our light to rise amid the dimming, godless culture. Jesus was active in his mission towards Calvary. If Christians want to be known as the King’s kids, then their fruit, the very product of their faith, thoughts and actions must be revealed. Grace is not so simply defined by our language as is the love of God. Therefore, in lieu of our limitations in communicating the Great I AM’s capacity, action sometimes speaks louder and more clearly than words.
      He Lives,

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