HOPE -The Song Of The Fearless

From the moment of baptism, Christianity prepares us for death. 

It is not a morbid fascination to confront the reality of our mortality.  This mysterious and beautiful faith settles our soul even when our body fails.  Followers are further encouraged to know that every tear rendered at their expense are never wasted or forgotten. Tears shed by the faithful through humbling circumstance or empathetic love for another are later found as diamond chips studding their heavenly crown.   The very crown of gratitude that servants joyfully lay at the pierced feet of their Savior. 

     I don’t know how long it takes to wipe away every tear we bring to Heaven since there are so many here on earth.  God hard-wired us to cry and feel a full carousel of emotions, yet He sent His only Son, Jesus, to abolish despair with the hope of resurrection.  This hope is a special Grace that soaks deep within the marrow of our very being.  

     After witnessing the horrific tragedy of a childhood friend killed by car while crossing a street,  I received an unexpected blessing of knowing the lifeless, little body of my young friend Christopher, now mounted by a red Camaro, was with God and truly happy.  From that moment on I’ve never feared death knowing that God loves his children – especially this six-year old on that particular day. 

     The beauty of faith, is that we are all given the opportunity to become God’s children even after we’ve grown.   Last night, I was inspired to see through the faith-filled eyes of a dying man.  Despite what you may think I saw, the bittersweet exile of one’s soul was truly a fulfillment of God’s gift of Hope.  Hope is a song.  As I was stilled in the moment, I could sense the dimming view through this  tired man’s eyes and the ever tightening grip of a loved one’s hand until his weary eyes slowly closed.  Prior to this moment, He recalled fuzzy dreams of hearing a familiar voice bringing calm to the end of each cruel day.  However, at this very moment, his final breath, the familiar voice called his name to which he reached his arms up like a child.  His dimming world was now resplendent in the celebration of hope.  “No regrets,” he whispered…

            Faith in Jesus distills down to trust and fearlessness.  Hope, and helping another see tribulation without despair, is true charity.  When I hear friends encourage others towards accepting hope, they are truly giving from their own poverty.  Afterall, without hope we have nothing.   Believing in Christ and allowing the curious to witness the joy of your obedience, is your purpose and your reason to sing the song of the fearless.

His Peace,

Christopher Clody


No Longer Am I Fearful 

I feel Him draw me closer,

In a dream I can’t describe.

His voice is so familiar,

Like I knew Him all my life.


Despite my weak condition,

New Hope calms my anxious nights.

His face is growing clearer,

As hands from friends… squeeze more tight.


No longer am I fearful,

As He calls my name tonight.

He holds each tear cried for me

And molds a crown with’n my sight.


My fears and sins now forgott’n,

My feet now dance in golden streets,

Life’s cruel crawl to this Lion’s Gate,

To lay my crown upon His feet.


Thank you Lord! I’m finally free! 

©2011 by Chris Clody 7/28/11


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One thought on “HOPE -The Song Of The Fearless

  1. So sorry to hear about your young friend, yet I rejoice that at this moment he is ‘at present with the Lord’ & ‘seeing the face of God.’ I don’t think a parent ever stops grieving over the loss of their child, yet they can receive some comfort from Holy Scripture & the words of Jesus Himself, Who assures us that they are ‘greatest in the kingdom of Heaven’ (Matthew 18:1-4), because ‘Heaven belongs to them’ (Matthew 19:14; Luke 18:16). I believe this is because God made it that “even newborn babies can long for the pure milk of the Word in respect to salvation’ (1 Peter 2:1-2). Even King David was comforted knowing that even though his 7-day-old son had died before being circumcised on the 8th day (2 Samuel 12:18), he was assured that he would see his son again in heaven – ‘But now he has died; why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I will go to him, but he will not return to me” (2 Samuel 12:23). I lament over parents whose newborn babies have died without having the ability to accept Jesus as their Savior or haven’t been baptized, & they wonder about the eternal state of their infants. I can only pray that they turn to Holy Scripture & be assured that like King David’s uncircumcised son, they are waiting for their parents in Heaven. In Jesus’ Name, Steve.

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