Comfortably numb without God?

It perplexes as much as it saddens me that some live the life we are given without a gratitude for God.  A life without God is weakly analogous to appreciating magic without the magician. 

  Despite being awed by their rich and colorful surroundings, the anesthetized, atheistic perspective perseveres in convincing minds that the sum of randomness and ever-increasing lengths of time somehow produce the social structure and spiritual conscience of today’s existence.  But even the staunchest of atheists attempt to look past the “magic” to scrutinize the hidden talents of the magician for a clue to reveal the secret of his masterful trick.  Whether or not one believes in God, it is safe to say we all seek truth.   Every scientist seeks the reason and effects of form and function.   While still bound by gravity to this spinning blue orb, all human minds are engaged in an unexpected scavenger hunt in discovering and deciphering clues behind the purpose of their existence.  Whether our minds race to the first and second laws of thermodynamics and energy or scrutinize the very foundations of Judeo –Christian heritage, it all distills down to the inescapable undertone that there is something that unifies this world – an unchanging continuum.  To stop here and be satisfied without looking past the magic to discover a purpose of this unifying entity is like forbidding a child to have a questioning mind.  It is not in our nature to not ask why.  If we are honest with ourselves, the debate of proving whether this intriguing unifying entity is God, random dancing of space dust and gravity, or the flying spaghetti monster, the real argument at hand for both believer and non-believer alike, is what if it is God.  Are “believers” as well as atheists ready to go “all in” after scavenging restlessly for clues and commit to the epiphany of Truth?  Although I am amazed by some creative sparks of hypothetical thinking of evolutionists prompting exhaustive virtual research, they have still yet to answer the many scientists, like myself, when did that simple, little cell decide to grow a stomach, a brain, or a … or divide to become male and female which would further complicate its future generation’s survival?  Really… how does a hyena become a whale? As evolutionists and creationist sling their shovelful of proof back over the fence at each other, I believe we are both artfully dodging the wager at hand and committing to the outcome of being all in.  

                Maybe this isn’t about magic or the magician after all.  In fact, the “magic” has even derailed some believers whose only source of remedy to a solution is praying for a miracle.    Don’t get me wrong, miracles do happen…and thank God they do.  However, briefly extending the sure mortality of the life we are given is not for our own satisfaction but a gratuitous chance to live “all in” or simply “In Christ.”  It is the bittersweet fatalism of Christianity that embraces Truth, which is the very Son of God who died for our Redemption.  Will we fully commit to faithfully accept the Truth and allow His obedience to the Father to finally define our lives and reveal our purpose for existence? This unifying entity, that holds the power to create, is a poor description of God as some divine magician.   I prefer to think of God as a Great Storyteller and each life He breathes into existence becomes part of His book of life.  Beyond performing simple tricks disguised as magic, the Great Storyteller incorporates within each life the gift of free will that can water their implanted seeds of faith, hope and love.   Every thought, word and action is documented by the Great Storyteller and used to justify the ever-thickening plot that flows from Calvary.  Unlike any book we’ve read, this book stands outside the dimension of time where everything is in the present.   No past or future, just the present…or simply His unifying Presence.  Every choice made in devotion or rebellion instantly incorporates into the plot overwhelming our reason to understand the mystery of the story’s orchestration.  Those devoted to Christ become red pens in God’s hand.  Their thoughts, words and actions will be written in the color of His sacrificial Love, revealing the true nature of the name God will call them by.   It is the same river of red from Calvary that runs through the repentant heart allowing Jesus to begin the perfection of His work in them.   Like Heaven, God’s perfection is nothing our eyes or ears could expect.  Those devoted to God become will become His masterpiece, a finished novel.  Imagine the transformation of a lowly handmaid, the Virgin Mary, becoming one who is described in Revelation 12 as “being clothed in the Sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars” – truly God’s masterpiece! 

 It is impossible to know God without Love.   It is impossible to know yourself or your purpose without Love.  True love cannot be seen through the blind eye of atheism but rather through the lens of the true food and true drink Jesus offers all in communion with His sacrificial love.  It is through the contradiction of this thirty-three year old, crucified radical that our shame sees, although dimly, true Love – which is the Kingdom of God itself.  Seeing through the lens of Christ’s body allows all to see the world in a newfound, unexpected compassion that influences our thoughts, words and actions.  For it is the sin active within us that distances our compassion towards the lepers of our day.  God calls us to Him expecting more than a personal relationship; He engages our gifts of forgiveness and draws us close to Himself and others in communion as one Body led by His Son into a Holy family.   Therefore, if the ultimate Truth we seek is sufficiently grasped when peering through the wounds of a crucified Savior, then are we willing to go “all in” and dare to look through that lens…or remain comfortable and numb?

Seek First,


Please “Leave a reply” with your perspective on what is truth.  Do you believe “Truth” is more than a concept but God Himself?

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6 thoughts on “Comfortably numb without God?

  1. I think there is a reason why God reveals in His Word “The fools says there is no God.” Whether He reveals Himself through general revelation of His creation, so “we are without excuse;” through the pages of His inerrant, Inspired Word; or through the direct manifestation of His Son, it becomes obvious from every direction we look, that He exists, as He is waiting for us to answer His knock on our door.

    But, how will we respond when we answer it? Will we be obedient & follow His instructions revealed in His Holy Word, which contain the words of His Son? What’s worse, is when we don’t trust the Holy Spirit to do His job to change the hearts of the ‘hard-hearted,’ but rather believe that ‘WE’ can do it by attracting the ‘unchurched’ by worldly ‘bribes,’ such as free soda, cool ‘bands,’ trashy clothes, free admission to the Rib-Off, & INTENTIONALLY refusing to proclaim the Name of our Lord & Savior in our advertising, in fear that His ‘elect,’ who haven’t yet made a decision for Him, won’t want to come to learn about Him. I find it naive that churches like these actually think that people don’t realize that if they go to church, that Jesus won’t be mentioned, which leads me to conclude that they are ‘ashamed’ of Him, & would rather put the Name & words of Satan on the billboards, rather than the words of our Lord & Savior in their advertising. Jesus gives these “Christian Atheists” a warning in Mark 8:38:

    “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will also be ashamed of him when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”

    In the Name of MY Lord, God, & Savior, Jesus Christ,

    • Hey Steve,
      Mark 8:38 certainly infers that following Christ will be difficult. If Christ said to His apostles that the world will hate you because it hated Him first, then how would that set the tone for any church, big-box or not, in drawing in the curious, the “unchurched” (interesting word…too much to say so I’ll let it drop), or even to believers existing in other expressions of Christianity? Is it a compromise, unbiblical or being “wise as foxes” to invite one to a church whose sole object of worship is Jesus without promoting HIm? We live in a highly technological culture warped by entitlement and moral relativism. Are marketing techniques like these a sign of Christianity’s growing inconfidence to replace the work of the Holy Spirit? Let me breifly describe how the world hates Christ and shameless Christianity in regarding a book review of “Torture For Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand:
      “Its message remains urgent and relevant: thousands of Christians are still persecuted and tortured around the world today, suffering solely for their belief in Jesus Christ. Richard Wurmbrand endured months of solitary confinement, years of periodic physical torture, constant suffering from hunger and cold, the anguish of brainwashing and mental cruelty. His captors lied to his wife, saying he was dead. Yet he went on to tell the West the truth about Christianity behind the Iron Curtain.”

      Maybe along with the lure of advertising swag this book can be put into the hands not holding their free Mountain Dews. Christianity is dying to the world so that the One who died for us may fulfill the will of His Father through the believer. Shame has no place in the hearts destined to share in the promise of Calvary while serving Him obediently here on earth. Let’s pray with confidence that the Holy Spirit will work all things for good. His Peace, Chris

      • I just finished reading that book earlier in the year. No doubt Richard Wurmbrandt is sitting near to Jesus for ‘carrying his cross’ by his persecution those many years in a Romanian prison – first persecuted by the Nazi’s, then by the Communists. The Church has become more tolerant with homosexuality, ‘bribing’ people with worldly lusts, rather than with Christ, & looking more & more like the days of Noah, before he entered the ark. Could Christ’s return be closer than we think? Is the Church becoming another Sanhedrin, like during the 1st Coming of Christ? Keep looking up! In Him, Steve.

      • Thanks Steve for your insights. When you read about those tortured for Christ and compare it to those enjoying a compromised message of Christ invitation, even when the Son of Man says, “that there WILL be tribulation, but take heart, I have overcome this world.” It is the open heart, like Richard Wurmbrandt’s, that allows God to work through him, a true channel of God’s peace, so others may benefit regardless of his persecution. Nothing confuses me more than when Christianity becomes unmoored from the message of uniting our sufferings with One who the world hated first. Instead, the popularizing of Christianity by man instead of exemplifying Chrsitianity through man is misinforming the flock of the tough road ahead. As for homosexuality, I believe instead of being the bane of moral discussion, it could rather become a beacon of bright lights if they abandon their depraved passions, deny themselves and pick up their cross for Christ. I believe the greatest lust is that born of a sexual nature. Imagine, if a brave few homosexuals decided to honor God instead of their lusts, how truly encouraging that would be for all of us struggling with other “lesser” vices. What you think?

  2. We just had a Bible study on sin & how our sin separated us from God. We mentioned how following Jesus is EXPECTED to be difficult, & that we are to be expected to carry our own crosses, because we will be persecuted for our faith. I am concerned that the ‘popularization’ of Christianity, making Jesus our ‘buddy,’ since Jesus calls us ‘My friends,’ leads to not only a disrespect for our Lord by bringing Him down to our level, but also a false conversion, which may manifest itself, when true persecution hits. How many ‘Christians’ will walk away from the faith, when it gets tested by trials & tribulations? I fear many of these ‘decisions for Christ’ are, as James put it, ‘dead.’ We also mentioned, that if the homosexual dies to his sinful desire, & TRULY submits & follows Christ, the homosexual will enjoy Paradise, while the purposeful, unrepentant heterosexual will find him/herself surprisingly in a lake of fire. If only Westboro Baptist would see this in God’s Word. As a church, we need to stop doing the job of the Holy Spirit, & instead letting Him work THROUGH us, & trust that God will lead His elect by HIS only method revealed in Scripture – the gospel of Jesus Christ. Peace, Steve.

    • Hey Steve, thanks again for your insights! Maybe the discussion at hand is understanding the difference between being happy and finding joy. I’ve heard the beatitudes preached as “Happy are those…” which translates the verses of “Blessed are those…” okay but misses the mark for those who cannot grasp the difference between happy and joy. One can be surrounded by dogs with bones “melting like wax” yet find joy in the faithfulness of The Father. On the otherhand, one is not described as happy while the persecutors gamble on your garments as you writhe naked while pegged to a cross. It is the misinformed , and dare I say “mislead”, that preach “happiness” in Christendom. Knowing that joy awaits in an unspeakable form offers a peace ( and yes a sense of emotional happiness), but it is the loadstone of our faith to globally see beyond our temporary afflictions and into this eternal joy.
      I wish I could have made that bible study for it seems to dig at the heart of my reply.
      Thanks bro,

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