God Uninvited

 He arrived by prophecy yet not by invitation.  Although civilization marks time by His birth, many don’t give Him the time of day.  

Unwelcome and misunderstood by a world created through Him.  Incorruptible flesh born outside expected comforts and care.  The center of our cosmos and human history humbles all egos by a newborn’s cry.  Swaddled, vulnerable and completely dependent – He cries in the wilderness.  His cry is but a whisper, a passing sound of need in our spinning realities that give some pause while many ignore.  His love conquers an impossible mission while revealing the One that sent Him.  He reveals the One that completes our hearts and draws our soul if we but trust in child-like wonder of His presence.   He encourages all to put flesh to our charity so that our very words become love incarnate to neighbors in need of it. 

The spirit of Christmas is not simply of seasonal giving but rather a deep sense of awe of being profoundly loved… even to the point of redemption.    As Mary provided milk to the bread of mankind’s search for true life, Christmas awakens our hearts and opens our ears to embracing perfect love.  As we unwrap ourselves from the binds of distraction to experience God’s presence, make sure you step outside and listen for the echo of that faint cry in the chilly night air.

Emmanuel! Christ has come!

His Peace,


God Uninvited

Incarnation shivers,
In a newborn’s cry.
Exhausted travelers –
Warm a cave nearby.

Angels! Trumpets! Singing!
Fill the night-time sky.
Thunderstruck and trembling,
Shepherds wonder why.

God comes uninvited,
Despite the prophecies.
Redemption’s Living Bread,
Feed the few who believe.

Christmas begs the question,
“Do you hear His cry?”
What is your decision –
Accept or deny?

God’s invitation has no middle ground
Incarnate bears Love, perfect and profound.
His gift of faith sees  – as far as it can see,
Patiently awaits…  ‘neath your Christmas tree.

©2011 by Chris Clody 12/21/11


Emmanuel, “God with us,” is the true undertone of Christmas.  What does the “Spirit” of Christmas mean to you?

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4 thoughts on “God Uninvited

  1. When I reflect on the ‘true’ meaning of Christmas, it saddens me to realize that just like in Jesus’ day when ‘He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him,’ it is not much different nearly 2,000 years later. So many times, even ‘His own’ get so distracted by the secular view of Christmas, that we sometimes miss the original intent of celebrating this holiday. As Pastor John MacArthur has said, a baby born in a manger with his mother & step-father at His side, with wise men bearing gifts which is a reminder of why so many give gifts at Christmas – that’s what’s on the service. The ‘real’ meaning of Christmas is why He was born in the first place – to save mankind from their sins for all those who choose to believe in Him, & eventually growning up & dying a criminal’s on a cross in place of us to satisfy the wrath of God for mankind sinning against Him. ‘This’ is what Christmas is really all about & why we celebrate Christmas. Merry CHRISTmas! Steve.

  2. Merry CHRISTmas Steve!
    The thought of knowing the baby Jesus was born to die for our sins is where the rubber of Christianity meets the road to our redemption. Yet, in a very real sense, we all are meant to be born into sin so we too may die to it. Ironically, this death through faith is the very opportunity to be born again by a transforming process only an intimate and loving God could orchestrate. Dying to the the magnetic pull of this world’s selfish pride makes straight the road, a true access of cooperation of our reality and the Divine Will. The gift of faith is really just our “letting go” to trust in an indestructible love. Hopefully, the many wrappings of Christian faith don’t prevent one from opening the beauty within.

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