Harnessing the Power of the S ҉ N.

The exertions of man vs. the capacity of God have taken my contemplations prisoner.

As another political season’s promises attempt to convince the restless to believe in the exertions of the elite, many begin this January morning in quiet prayer.  As Wall Street continues to morph into a national casino hidden successfully behind its brownstone façade of legitimacy, whispered concerns are heard as a single mom stares into the mirror in hope the omniscience of God shadows her many steps today.   As pundits bombard our airways with words like “redistribution of wealth” to medicate the economic symptoms of greed instead of addressing it’s cause, a father hugs his family asking for faithful help in a tearful petition before leaving the kitchen as foreclosure ushers them out the door.  As little Nennolina’s seven year old body is slowly dying from bone cancer despite her mystical belief in Jesus…

Many may ask where God is in all this?  Some even feel confident enough to mock faith, especially Christianity, to the applause of television audiences proving the light is slowly dimming across this great land of ours.

It has been said, “God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.”   Many lose hope along the way claiming this mountain of God is simply unrealistic and too hard to climb.  Truly, if God is faithful then why can’t we?  As the world around us panics to reach to gain a little more at the expense of another, still yourself in gratitude knowing even the most extravagant exertions of our best and brightest are not measurable against the capacity of Christ’s redemptive work.  Nothing.

Fear not, be still, and know He is God.

His Peace,


Harnessing The Power

Harnessing the power of the sun,
Is the sweat of man’s exertions.
Selfish dreams hoarding gold they spun.
While need screams in desperation,
Luxury squanders its inhibitions.

Yet beyond the brilliance of the sun’s rays,
Exists an eternal power,
Far greater than what lights our day –
And held by hearts that cleared a way.

 God shines in adoptive Spirit,
Through His Son no gold could repay,
Embracing souls deemed most unfit.
Where pride has torn – His mercy knits.

Childlike hearts, like cups, spill Love’s new wine,
Leaving adoptive trails to Calvary’s bloodline.

©2012 by Chris Clody 1/12/2012

What comes to mind when you ponder the the capacity of political leaders and their promises? 

Do you contemplate the capacity of God? 

Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “Harnessing the Power of the S ҉ N.

  1. Chris,
    As always you do inspire me. Though you do not hear much from us, please know we read your writing faithfully. We are blessed by your work, please keep it up
    Take care our dear friend!!

    • Harry! So good to hear from you. I pray all is well in Germany. Always know that my prayers follow “Team Bowers” as well as my heart. Although life continues to speed up, it’s a wondrous blessing to know that when I’m able to hit “pause” and give thanks, I am truly grateful for people like you in my life.
      He lives,

  2. It’s easy to get frustrated by the unbroken promises & the promises you know are going to be broken by politicians (I know I do). However, it does get me a little excited, because we have to remember, that a lot of ‘bad’ things have to happen in the world before the Lord’s return. With political turmoil, economic collapse, international tension & crises, etc. & the fact that Satan is the ‘god’ of this world, we can be comforted that ‘our’ God is in complete control. Just like in the life of Job, nothing happens without God allowing it to happen for His greater good & to glorify Him. So, if Job can trust God after all he went through, why shouldn’t we? After all, no one of us (including our political leaders) ever had more patience than Job. Former atheist turned Christian, Lee Strobel wrote encouraging words to help Christians in those frustrating moments when we think, “why do bad things happen to good people?” in his book, “The Case for Faith,” which addresses the criticism, “If evil & suffering exist in the world, then a loving God cannot.” For the Christian who trusts in God & his written Word, we can know that this cannot be true. There is nothing we can experience that God cannot understand, because He was with us during every tragic event when He became sin, while hanging in our place for our sin on the cross, until He uttered those last words, “It is FINISHED!” & gave up the ghost.

    • Great insights on Job Steve! Job’s patience and faith continues to inspire us towards our faith so we can even begin to unwrap the beauty of Col 1:24’s invitation. Hearing those words , “I now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up in my flesh what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ, for the sake of His body, which is the church,” requires a lifelong patience once the heart embraces the promise of Calvary. Thanks again Steve for mentioning Job!
      His Peace,

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