Our Nation’s Sin

Our Nation’s Sin

As some stand in the grip of God,
Watching in horror from His palms,
While sinful acts like lightning rods,
Still strike full wombs like car bombs,
Abortion becomes our Vietnam.

And endless war fueled by lies,
Victimizing… confused moms,
Leaving regret unbaptized,
God weeps yet calms the unborn’s cry.

Ceaseless prayers crowd the Heavens,
Choirs silenced by God’s sigh,
Prayers begin before they end –
Carried atop echoes of each “Amen.”

God’s love is proved by His patience,
And revealed in the Son He sent,
Heaven-bound’s wealth is repentance,
Hell-bound squander the love Christ spent…

 So pray that life is what the people choose,
Lest our nation’s sin continues,
Lest our nation’s sin continues…

Pray to end abortion.

©2012 by Chris Clody 2/2/2012 

I recommend the following link regarding the short video called “180”:

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6 thoughts on “Our Nation’s Sin

  1. Sadly, even many Christians don’t realize anymore that abortion is actually murder of the unborn, because of the unfortunate decision of 5 liberal politicians, who decided when life starts, based on their own ‘personal’ worldview, rather than on what science ‘actually’ tells us…and more importantly – what God’s WORD tells us. This is the first step towards Eugenics, which is supported by both the founder of Planned Parenthood & the Komen Foundation, which also was the seed of the worldview of Nazi Germany. If people won’t believe this, ask any German-born citizen alive today who lived during Hitler’s reign. This is just another example of trusting our own judgment over our Lord’s, which says that just because something is legal, that doesn’t make it moral or right.

    • Hey Steve! Thanks for your comments – they’re spot on. From the darkened minds of Darwinism springs eugenics which was the stepping stone Margaret Sanger lept from. Sanger, a racist abortionist, who hid behind the facade of women’s choice, was clearly intent on ridding from her vision all “undisirables”. Thanks for sending me the link to “180” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7y2KsU_dhwI) which offers some hope when this concept of a “woman’s right to choose” is put into proper perspective. I truly recommend this movie and would put it at the bottom of my poem “Our NAtion’s Sin.”
      Press on…this war is about to heat up…


  2. Chris, I was born during the month of the Roe v. Wade decision and spent much of my life wondering had that decision been made one year earlier, would I still be here? Would my birth mother have chosen abortion over adoption in 1973???

    When women seek counseling for unplanned pregnancies or genetic counseling for potential abnormalities, I feel abortion should not be in the list of options. We need to educate this world in the importance and beauty of adoption and help women of all ages understand that every life is intended by God and regardless of who raises them, they aren’t unplanned by Him.

    Love you cuz!

    • Hey Beth,
      You are a walking testimony that the “uncounseled” (actually “mis-counseled”) pregnant moms not ready to become parents need to hear from. Everytime I hear you talk or write about your adoptive history I smile. You are a gift that others need to open.

      Shine on!

  3. One of my older brothers has a twin son and daughter. They’re his youngest children, and the same age as my eldest daughter. He was in the Air Force at the time, stationed overseas in Germany. They didn’t know that his wife was carrying twins at the time, and they already had 2 other small children. She wanted to end the pregnancy, but he was adamantly opposed to it. He managed to convince her not to do so, and my beautiful niece and nephew were born. They didn’t speak until they were about 4 years old, except for a ‘secret language’ that they had between themselves. Now they’re 34 years old, and my nephew is a counselor who works with youth, married and has 2 young children of his own. My niece is a speech therapist. They’re both brilliant and beautiful inside and out. I can’t imagine the world without them. Thank God my brother was able to change my sister in law’s mind. There are many who would say he had no right to do that. Thank you for your blog.


    • These are the stories of heroes and saints! I feel completely honored that you shared this with me – I doubt I’ll ever forget this. Instead of “ending” a pregnancy – a legacy of of love and potential now flourishes. God is so good. Thank you (Again) Anne!!! Paz,Chris

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