It is within the genius of Lent, that we choose to prune so that the crowded scions of our hope are given the opportunity to blossom.  For some, simply allowing their feet to experience the forgotten contact with the hot desert sands is enough to renew their gratitude for their comfortable shoes and dare to consider their role in helping the shoeless. For some, it is acquiring a new habit for the betterment of themselves and the sake of others after forty days in discipline.  It is the yearly chance to scream and shout at the hot sun while begging in repentance under the shades of grace.  As we choose to run from our magnetic lusts towards better housing for our soul, we ultimately realize our bittersweet lot in life.  Ultimately, as the old offer their last breath and a new draw their first; all must eventually come thirsty to the well as children of the dust.  All born of dust struggle with an unquenchable thirst sated only by the living water mercifully offered through Christ.  Yielding to un-negotiable Truth in light of our misgivings is difficult, yet literally a necessity for our survival.  Without drinking deep from the font of Life, the clays of faith cannot be formed into vessels to carry the hope God has planned for all of us.  Yes, one day, even these earthen vessels will dry up and disintegrate back into the dust they once were, yet now will be blown by the gentle winds of forgiveness.   Truly, if we accept our smallness knowing that hope waits to carry us in exile from all our frailties into indestructible life, then the joy of Lent has found refuge in our souls.



Children of the Dust

We are Children of the dust,
Running to and from our lusts,
A hope of clay blown by gusts,
Searching for water to trust.

Faith forms clay in just one drink,
Christ grows larger as I shrink,
Earth and Heaven’s only link,
My life pushes towards Trust’s brink.

My Lenten desert calls me,
To make my path straight and free,
To enjoin my cross gratefully,
With the one on Calvary.

From dust I came,
To dust I’ll return,
Repenting shame –
For my soul’s concern.

Lead me through your wilderness
,And carve me from pride’s excess,
Hold me in Your holiness,
And put my faith to your test.

 ©2012 by Chris Clody 2/27/2012

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