Sin Is Life’s Anesthetic

Sin Is Life’s Anesthetic

Truly, sin is life’s anesthetic,
That’s meant to block the pain of Truth.
Woeful regrets numb the life we pick,
While trapped within our déjà vu,
Unaware our soul’s becoming sick,
We slip upon Deceit’s oil slick.

As the flame within us smolders down,
Near the end of our hidden wick,
The God we deny hovers around,
Holding a flame once lost – now found.

Accepting His flame blisters the flesh,
As baptism cools as it drowns,
The Truth must crucify so it can bless,
Hearts set apart for God to possess.

Transformed and fearless new hearts soon shout,
Souls leap from sin’s sickening mess.
Faith becomes trust – replacing all doubt,
God lives through the life we dare live out.

The acceptance of our suffering,
Tests our minds to what life’s all about,
It reflects God’s gift of love we’re holding,
… and the sin we are considering.

Life burns down to a solitary choice,
To cover our ears or listen to Truth’s voice.

©2012 by Chris Clody 3/2/2012

His Peace,


Why do we suffer?  Does sin block truth like an anesthetic blocks pain? How does suffering, the Truth and sin balance in your life?  Also does our acceptance of suffering reflect the trust in the gift of God’s love we possess? Let me know your thoughts!!!

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4 thoughts on “Sin Is Life’s Anesthetic

  1. We suffer in many ways particularly when we lose visible and internal light. Our Easter candle burns eternal with the accelerent of Holiness from baptism if only we reconcile our humanity’s weakness. I believe our free will is Grace given, freely ignored and chased by lurking deamons which attempt to blow out our flame. With Christ, our Light, ignites our renewal from our deepest despair. Freed from desolation, God’s love again embraces us. Without fail, so simple, we just have to ask…forgive me Lord for I have sinned.

  2. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for the insight as always.
    I don’t think sin blocks the truth. Conversely, it exposes the truth. By sins’ very nature it is the purposeful turning away from the truth. In the long run, that is the pain. The willful rejection of God’s truth. Wow! That’s painful just to admit how often I am guilty of just that. The anesthesia or relief, is the aqcknowledgment of our woeful ways, asking forgiveness and recieving that soothing aloe of His loving, forgiving embrace.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Fred! I certainly understand your point. Yet, lately, as I consider the charlatan that stands of the way of Truth, I can’t but help see how the Ancient One of Lies continues to falsly mimic the ways of the Master. He Steals before he destroys the potential life planned for God. Sin is a false peace that inebriates our reality to not face the urgency to choose God’s will. Sin promises temporary relief, satisfaction and pleasure but cannot promise “the soothing aloe of loving, forgiving peace” that becomes our reality in our long awaited embrace. We may feel God’s embrace, but we still must endure the hardships before us until we truly rest in God. Shine on Fred…shine on!

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