KONY 2012

Invisible children by the early morn,
Enslaved to be violent lest they‘ll be maimed,
Boys forced to kill parents – from whom they were born,
Girls coerced into despicable shame,
Both serving a monster this world cannot tame.

God hears our cries but demands our action,
To stop the evils this single man claims.
Will the world rise up for these little ones?
Will you TRI to do what remains undone?

 Life ain’t about how many breaths you take,
It’s lived in breathless moments of reaction,
Arising to purpose without any brakes,

Loving our living exposes our souls,
To reach out to others and not forsake,
Re-establishing joy this monster stole.

 Don’t allow your ability to be shelved,
Please… for the children, remember KONY 2012.

©2012 by Chris Clody 3/8/2012

And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” (Matthew 10:42)



Please take the time to watch the following video.

How should the world react to the atrocities of Joseph Kony?  Will you respond to this ‘experiment’?  Do you find the scripture passage of Matthew 10:42 applicable here or is there another one that comes to mind?  Let me know your thoughts!

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7 thoughts on “KONY 2012

  1. I haven’t had the chance to watch the video yet, & I know little about Joseph Kony, the ‘Lord’s Resistance Army,’ or ‘Invisible Children Inc,’ except of what I’ve read, but from what I’ve read, I don’t see how he is using Matthew 10:42 to recruit this ‘child army,’ for his political and/or religious agenda. If anything, I see more of Luke 17:2 in regards to this ‘gentleman,’ ‘recruiting’ this ‘child army,’ in the Name of our Lord, blaspheming Him. Our Lord even warned us about false prophets & false Christs coming in the last times. The sad part, is that he it sounds like he was raised in a home that taught about our Lord, but not His Word exclusively. When I hear stories like this, it just reinforces the reality of what happens when people mix God’s Word with their own personal & religious beliefs. Over time, it may not only hurt the individual, but also the innocent that the individual involves in his/her religious worldview. We can only pray for Mr. Kony & for these innocent children. I am curious what the video will show. In Him, Steve.

    • Hi Steve,
      The video will help you understand. Matthew 10:42 has to do with our response to help these children. Joseph Kony’s LRA has nothing to do with Christianity. The video is a response to the atrocities committed by Kony against the innocent children he preys upon. Trust me, the moment you watch the video, you’ll want to pass it along as I have.
      Shine on,

  2. Chris, I finally got a chance to watch the video. It’s hard to believe that ‘child armies’ still exist around the world, but then again, all we have to do is look to the teen-gangs in the U.S. What’s a shame is the negative publicity of the co-creator (Jason Russell) of this film, because of his actions – which I’m not sure what the cause was, since his wife denies alcohol & drug involvement. I find it disturbing that Yahoo! was quick to run an article on him, yet failed to run an article on Kony’s ‘child army’ – which shows their priorities. I’m not saying that Russell’s actions wouldn’t have came to light, but it’s only through Yahoo!’s article on Russell that people like me would have known about Kony – not because Yahoo! chose to write an article about him before Russell’s news came out. The question people are going to ask is ‘should the U.S. get involved, since Kony doesn’t directly involve the U.S.?’ Others may respond, ‘that type of mindset caused Pearl Harbor.’ Personally, I don’t think that a strictly Libertarian mindset works anymore, since we are in a global economy & heading toward a one-world government. Taking a blind eye to what goes on in the world & strictly focusing on American issues isn’t realistic, because we don’t live in that kind of a world anymore. I think people would be surprised to know how many ‘Kony’s’ there are out there, so where is the cut-off point to getting involved in world affairs? One way or another, men like Kony need to be stopped, so that they don’t turn into the next Hitler. I don’t know if I would agree with Russell sharing with his son about Kony in the way he did – at least not at that age. He seems kind of young, even though he seems to comprehend it at a certain level. I don’t know. My question is, ‘where is the rest of the world on this?’ Doesn’t the world learn from the mistakes of our history, or are they doomed to repeat them? I’ll be curious if the plan to plaster ‘Kony 2012’ all over the U.S. in April will still happen, considering the unfortunate Yahoo! article on Yahoo! (which I noticed has been edited all of a sudden…..hmmm!) Satan is working overtime, & I begin to wonder with everything going on around the world, just ‘how’ close is our Lord’s Return? (Keep looking up!) (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17). In Christ, Steve.

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