This Dimming World

The Gospel is a powerful flame from an eternal, consuming fire.    Submitting to its heat and light is governed by the length of wick we allow it burn.

Free will is a battle of control and trust.   Our vanity screams, “How much is enough?” while our soul screams “More!”  We are challenge to set this world on fire in a dimming world.  Although rebellion to God’s will dim the heart and soul, the light, is more often than not, simply unwelcomed.   Although the light is criticized as some prudish moralizer its purpose of casting shadows are meant for something far greater.  Looking at the long shadows behind us remind us we were made for something more – something magnificent.  It is not out of fear that the light draws the moth.  Yes, there is repentance and sorrow for our sins when embraced of the Holy Spirit, yet the release of our regret is our first breath of true freedom.  Freedom from fear and the warmth of indestructible love provide a new haven in which no words could condemn a heart for Christ.

Shine on,





This Dimming World

Darkness engulfs this dimming world,
Rebellion roots deep into hearts,
Love that bravely hung from a cross,
Is forgotten like abstract art.

The Christ-God is a delusion,
A laughable myth swallowed whole,
Rational thought evades my faith,
Trapped within some clueless black hole.

Maybe I am not your bible,
Or the lid to your problem’s pot.
But the Hope I render freely,
Offers light to your proud, blind spot.

Listen to your abandoned soul,
That aches to hold the Father’s gaze.
Be still and awaken your heart,
Choking in your rebellious haze.

My prayers will always follow you,
Like a faithful dog at your side.
Whose hopeful tail and soulful eyes,
Patiently wait ‘til pride subsides.

Should beating hearts humbly repent,
Before God calls back a silent drum,
Give praise to the Christ in whom God sent,
And shine before the Perfect comes.

 ©2012 by Chris Clody 4/23/2012

Have you been criticized, or worse, persecuted, for your faith?  How do you respond to the following scripture? Let me know your thoughts!

There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit. (Romans 8:1)

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5 thoughts on “This Dimming World

  1. What great motivation to live by the teachings of Christ; one can walk freely in the Light and not be afraid of the illumination of our sins.

  2. Wonderful blog, Chris! Thank you. Love your poem that so beautifully expresses just how it is. How do I respond to that verse? I sometimes respond more in line with the truth of it…there’s no condemnation and I can be confident and assured in my hope. And other times it has been a struggle for me, depending on just where the condemnation I’m feeling in this life stems from. It hurts sometimes. So holding on to God’s promises through that is often something that requires active effort and reminding myself of His promises to me, and His comfort through it all. Blessings! –Anne

    • Anne your honesty is riveting. I feel like we’re half way through sharing a cup of coffee by the time I finish reading your replies. God bless you Anne. God bless you for your willingness to help us say the things that are afraid to jump off the tips of our toungue. You, my firend, and sister in Christ, are always welcome to share your transparency with me. Every time I read your words I realize my dream in blogging – striving towards honesty. I pray when people like you hit “reply” that they darken the doors of humilty warmed by grace. Our words matter my friend, and today has been highlighted by your honesty. Thank you Anne Sikes! Shine on friend!

  3. My Father never saw when me when I fell-He never witnessed my disgrace-For the Blood had already covered me-With mercy’s sweet blanket of grace. God Bless you-you are a very gifted writer that the Holt Spirit will and has used to call many hearts to our Savior. Thank you for liking my poem.

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