New Wings

I was reminded through a friend’s difficult journey back to God of an inspiration I wrote in November of 2010 before I started my blog.  I believe it pertains to all of us as we purpose in Christian flight towards the One who makes all things new.

New Wings

     I continue to see life through a changing lens.  Instead of accepting fate in a linear dimension, that is, the gradual increase or decrease of some capability along life’s chronological path, I am learning to appreciate the true presence of transformation, like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly that leaps out into unexpected dimensions from our predictable plodding time line. It seems necessary that our faith be living in order to meet an omniscient, living God.  Unlike the expectations of this world that only sees progress, even a Christians’ growth, as an ability to do more, I sense that Heaven awaits our “coming to Christ” or personal parousia towards the heart of Christ.  As stubborn and linear the world sees birth, life and death, it stumbles on the Christian who comes to Christ by diving back into the womb of our Creator’s eternal life and forgiving, all-powerful love to become reborn.  Here the wings of the newfound heart of Calvary’s hope lifts the Christian from life’s one dimensional path.  No, we do not become God but stand at the threshold of Heaven while seeing life from a changing perspective.  The world cannot see the wings of joyful, fluttering hope yet can feel their curious breeze.  Scientifically, the change from a caterpillar to butterfly is called complete metamorphosis. Hidden from the world inside a pupal shell known as a “chrysalis”, the caterpillar completely disintegrates except for two little discs of embryonic tissue that remained dormant in the caterpillar until this stage.  Suddenly, these embryonic discs rapidly consume the disintegrated nutrients and raw materials floating free in the chrysalis and proliferate into new layers of cells and new organs knitted together in new skin over a very brief time span.  Everything is new and different.  In fact, insects that experience complete metamorphosis are literally reborn!

God has written the laws of His love on our hearts, like embryonic discs, that await our complete metamorphosis.  Yet we don’t need to climb up a branch and form a chrysalis because it is Christ Himself, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings that has promised to perfect His good work in us.  Just maybe, it’s our part to disintegrate to ourselves in all that is and surrender to our very life just to feed those dormant, divine laws.   It is here in our very surrender that allows the proliferation of Heaven’s seeds that our old self gives way to a completely different spiritual structure seen only by faith.  Here, in the complete and absolute womb of Christ’s atonement, our soul explodes into new glorious structures that excites the countless angels to sing triumphantly at the coming of our soul sealed for Heaven. This complete metamorphosis is governed by our free will and amount of faith.  Yet, even the smallest faith, will be brought to complete transformation by the faithful promise of Our Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Christ has come to set this world on fire, so much so, that our very introduction to His claims of divinity immediately demand our response as believers or rejectors.  Dismissing Christ as the Son of God also rejects our belief in the Father’s faithfulness to send a solution to our sin; both are an incomprehensible affront to the jealous love of our most Holy Spirit. Christ again will set this world of fire and those without wings will soon feel the heat of His Parousia, His second-coming, while those with new wings will meet him in the clouds.  The return of Jesus will either be the joyful ending of a love story or the beginning of ultimate regret.  If this is our love story, then it, by the grace of God, is uncontainable. Like the chrysalis that finally rips open like a torn veil to reveal our new coming as new beings reborn in and by Christ, we become fruits of a miracle for the world to see. Love is unrestrainable as our new wings open and swell to lift us up to carry the Good News.  We have been born twice, to pollinate the world with hope against all hope.

Fly …the world is waiting…

 He lives,


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18 thoughts on “New Wings

  1. This is absolutely wonderful. What a beautiful way to look at the transformation that can take place in the lives and hearts of those that love the Lord, that surrender to His will and His work in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    • Thank you Drusilla. What an amazing gift to be freely offered “His will and His work in our lives!” Your words are so clear…
      Peace my friend,

      • LOL, well, well, well…hasn’t this been a “very unique” day,…huh???????!!!!! lol……i’m gonna post a piece of somethin i wrote two years ago, in your comment space in just a sec!!!! lol…enjoy!!!!!,…lol (YOU’LL SEE DUDE!!!!) one sec, k?

  2. ok Chris,….i had to edit it way down,…delete it if you need to,..ok????? as i said earlier, i wrote this almost two years ago,….so my attitude in the story appears a bit dark,….even then,……i don’t think you will have any problem at all reading between the lines!!!!! toksoon, k?

    If we got what we truly deserved, I should/would have been dead long ago! But, fact is, I’m not,…(duh???),…I may be totally wrong about “why” I am writing my ”journal/diary/book”,…and I also may be “wrong” about it’s ”importance?”,…especially it’s “importance“ to anyone other than myself…
    Perhaps, if you read the updated version, you may “really” understand just how important writing this is to me. A s well as the reasons that I must finish it. For better, or worse…
    I have every intention to finish it.
    The only thing that will stop this from happening is my death, and, as everyone knows, death is a reality for all of us,…our lives are but a vapor…

    Simple fact is, I seriously DO NOT know how all of this will end. Nor do I know,…how I myself, or “my life” will end???
    But, one thing I do know to be a fact of life, is, death,…and that’s just the way it goes.
    Time will tell,…I can compare how I feel in this way,…

    A caterpillar, lives a caterpillar life. He does caterpillar things. He eats what caterpillars eat, for as long as caterpillars do caterpillar things,…okay, you get the picture, right? Life is good in caterpillar land,…no worries,…no hurries…but then, out of the blue,…something inside of “mr. caterpillar” begins to feel odd. It’s almost as if there is, something, that may be about to change. Even though this feeling makes no logical sense.
    The caterpillar makes a cocoon around himself. In ”this cocoon” he is protected,…this cocoon is where a ”transformation” takes place,…or, is supposed to, anyway,…but,…every now and then…
    I remember, when I was a kid, I would find cocoons on the limbs of trees. I could tell that some of them had been there much longer than some of the others,…much longer than the time it took for ”The Change” to occur??? So, I asked myself, “What’s up with that???”
    I mean, all appeared to be totally normal and fine from the outside, at least it did from my point of view.
    So,…“Why is this all too common transformation, taking so damn long???” I wanted to see the butterfly! Not the grungy lookin cocoon…
    The cocoons, though old looking, appeared to be intact. “So, What happened?”
    Me, being me, I just had to find out. I, for whatever reason, just couldn’t leave well enough alone…Yup, I opened one of em. I simply tore a small hole in the cocoon…what could it hurt, right?

    There inside, as I knew it would be…was the caterpillar, or actually, what was “left” of him. What remained inside was just a twisted husk of something that had been caught between two worlds. Hollow,…and dried up,…and, obviously dead. Very dead.
    I never did find out why the caterpillar died as he did,…so, I still don’t know what the hell happened??? But, what I do know is,…what, DID NOT happen. This lesson I have never forgotten.

    Hey man!,…God knew what He was doing, right???

    So, as for my troubles, and my battles yesterday??? Was it anything that you, or anyone else, had said, or done to me? Was my extremely challenging day caused by you or anyone else? Nope.
    As I said, you have been an encouraging friend to me, as you always will be. Even if I never speak to you again. Period.
    You may never grasp what our conversations have brought to my life. There’s no way right way to thank you. This is just a simple fact.
    Because of your speaking, openly, and honestly with me, and since we are so much alike, and we think so much alike, because of our “uncanny” similarities, you, at this time and place in my life, were the one person who was able to inspire me to keep pushing ahead.
    Helping me to go on with what I so strongly feel, that I must do. I now feel that I have the strength to see my writing through to the end…back to what I began to say.

    When I walked out of the gate the other night, I felt so strange, and lost. The world outside was now “foreign” to me. Here, behind the fence, in my safe place, my hiding place, this was,…my cocoon.
    My safe harbor of hopeful and needed transformation. Inside my cocoon, I was changing more, with each word I wrote.
    I knew I was changing, but,…into what exactly??? I, can not say, as I, do not know. I pray to change more, while I write my book.
    In my unlocking the gate, and walking away from here the other night, I felt very much like I was tearing a tiny hole, in my life preserving cocoon. Life giving oxygen slipping quietly away. I somehow knew that this hole, given time, would have ”killed the caterpillar”.
    So, was it the lock on the gate? The gate itself? The Long Walk in the Darkness?” The loneliness of standing in total darkness, on the side of the road? Nope,…it was none of these things….
    Was it any thing else that affected me during the evening? Nope…but, since you think like me, you can see the answer simply,…Do ya???
    It was that I “compromised” what is (was) so important to me by my not continuing to stay just where I needed to be, and push myself to finish my writing. This is what I needed to be doing so badly. As my clock ticks loudly! And constantly…
    I have had, far too many losses in life, painful losses. All of these losses have directly stemmed from my compromises! I have suffered for too long, from my “selfish” neglecting of the crucial, as well as, vital (to myself and my family and my friends) priorities in, and of, my life. Just trust me on this one…my memories will always be with me. I do not want these memories,…yet,…I am, ironically, the one who “earned” them.
    It matters to me more than most people could ever understand. I am actually angry at myself, or, I can now say,…I “WAS”, angry, past tense.
    I now have my focus back, but only after I spent some extremely ”un-fun”, yet very prayerful hours all day yesterday, and, last night as well.
    I feel that this is what I deserved. I understand very well the need to be hard on myself from time to time! And what it means to feel the sting of correction.
    I have come to know that there are “certain” things in our lives, which we can only, and must, face while alone. These are things that must be dealt with, between, only us,…and God Himself.
    So, I needed for you to know what I am thinking and feeling. None of my “battles” have to do with you, at all. You’ve been the person who has been nothing but an encouragement to me. As friends, true CHRISTIAN friends, should, and are spiritually motivated to be.
    If I die tomorrow, I would die knowing that one persons “Godly” concern was, and is, real,…(which is what “proves” that God is real) and that type of concern, is too hard to find in this cold world in which we live,…or, exist…
    In other words, you are someone that I gave up ever thinking existed,…God showed me that I was wrong, again. It is nice to be wrong. Sometimes…
    The dark and cold world, in which I existed, looks different to me now, in a good way. And, nothing short of miraculously, God Is Bigger as well…
    Now, not only, my life,…but,…my faith, is brighter and stronger because of you, and your courage to speak honestly. As I said,…you’ll never know.
    When we first began communicating, I felt as if I was speaking to, and hearing,…me. God shows His Mercy and Concern,…and more importantly, His love,…in whatever way He chooses.
    He also does this in,…His timing,…His timing is never off!

    A Good and Loving Father, knows when and how to give his children, whom he loves, exactly what they need…I call these things, gifts. And I’m thankful for them,…but sometimes, never thankful enough…

    So,….when the writing of my book is complete,….will a butterfly emerge?????,……..I don’t know,…..

    • First and foremost, continue to write johnedoe. Writing is more than some cathartic musing, it allows us a chance to be transparent to ourselves. Although we can only see ourselves dimly, this process of inner dialogue with yourself and God, will bring you to a new level of prayer. Humility is a profound gift we soon cling to as pages fill. Truly life is a blank page to be written on by God using us as a pencil. Follow God’s lead, pray for endurance and longsuffering, that very “strength to see” your “writing through to the end.” If God could allow us the slightest glimpse at the power of prayer, we surely would never get off our knees. Although our regrets are still tender to the touch and we can never outlive our consequences on this side of Heaven, prayer will become your stronghold. Although prayer does not always change our circumstance, it changes the way we see our problems as temporary. Always know now that my prayers follow you and more importantly, that the wounds in Christ’s glorified body are an endless plea before the Father on our behalf. Finally I would like to give you a story to hopefully remind you of who you were, what Jesus did, and who you are today.
      I believe there is a small island in the West Indies known for making the most spectacular and unique vases. These vases are said to be priceless, not so much because of the quality or materials but because of their process. After weeks of tireless effort to mold, dry, fire, painstakingly paint and glaze, the vase waits in a storeroom without a price tag. You see, my friend, as the craftsman explains to the confused tourist, the vase is incomplete and not for sale. Finally, he parades the tourist back to an empty room where a vase sits reflecting the light from overhead. The tourists are asked to stay behind a crudely, painted yellow line as the craftsman slowly approaches the vase. Without hesitation and to the onlookers horror, the craftsman wields a hammer and begins to smash a vase probably worth hundreds into worthless rubble. The craftsman turns to the thunderstruck crowd and smiles and says, “Now, I have something to work with!” Some tourists leave laughing at the “sheer stupidity” at destroying something worth selling while only a few stay behind curious to understand what just took place. The craftsman then uncovers a small melting pot filled with molten gold. The craftsman explains to the remaining few that before him is a beautiful jigsaw puzzle and the gold will be my glue. He tells the tourists to stop back before they leave the island. After several days and late nights, the vase is rebuilt and even stronger because of the gold filament binding it together. The vase seems nearly aglow, reflecting the overhead light into a glimmering spectacle before once curious eyes. It is clear to the tourists now that this vase is priceless and worth whatever the cost to attain it.
      You see my friend, we all must be broken and put back together in Christ. Whatever the hammer God finds useful to recreate you into His stunning creation, it is not for us to fear suffering or our brokenness. When we feel lost and alone, useless and damaged, we have the priceless gift of faith to trust that God uses all things for His good. I am truly fortunate to stare at a coffee cup on my desk at work with the inscription of Jeremiah 29:11 which reads, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future ad a hope.” Cling to Christ, the true filament that not only binds you, but all of us together as one, resplendent masterpiece.
      As always, Peace. Chris

  3. Truly, some really great work you are doing here. Thanks for sharing and may God continue to bless you day by day, moment by moment as you are instructed to do his will.

    • Thank you Pastor for the kind words, but more importantly – your blessing. Let’s continue to celebrate unity within One body under His Spirit while trodding a path into His will.. Peace my friend, Chris

  4. Thanks once again for your insights.
    I really love the parable!

    And how wonderful it is that Faith is our very life-substance already given by our All Loving God and Saviour so that our rebirth is already prepared for to happen when the time is ripe. Sooner or later all souls get the opportunity to enter inte metamorphosis-process, and by Their Grace we are sustained inside our cocoon until we are ready to fly. We may feel suffocated being caught inside the cocoon-like prison of worldly life, and at the same time be afraid of the pain that is necessary when we press out of it, but we must have Faith that our Loving Father and Brother Jesus knows what is best for us. We may be tempted to pray for early release, and the devil may interfere and cut open the cocoon leaving us as incomplete and puffy worms with useless prototype wings that weigh us down rather than elevate us.

    That is why we pray: grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.


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