Spiritual Things

Spiritual Things

How can one understand spiritual things,
When they fail to house the Spirit within.

The words they hear pelt them like sand that stings,
Threatened, they attack some concept called sin,
Desperately thrashing like fish without fins.

Furious doubts arise like wayward bubbles,
Spewed from darkened depths of their perdition.
Blind to the pride that conceals their troubles,
Their mind grows dim like a murky puddle.

Pride wars with the first love they never knew,
Even their soul they seek to uncouple,
Still – Love prays that humility breaks through.

Even though time grows old it’s still a gift,
To rudder their course from hopeless adrift,
Repentance awaits God’s Light that is swift,
If only humility would dare to exist.

©2012 by Chris Clody 5/8/2012

Please pray that rebellious hearts will become restless hearts for God.

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4 thoughts on “Spiritual Things

  1. I join you in praying rebellious hearts will become restless hearts for God! I pray He will give them new undivided hearts and put His Spirit in them. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

  2. “If only humility would dare to exist.”

    We are afraid that if we are humble we will be trampled upon…
    If we are poor in spirit we will be outrun…
    If we love we will be abused…

    So we act with fear and pride and say “Better to not expect anything, then I’ll never be hurt”. And fall into the blind abyss of indifference which is also like a glass-wall that, while unseen, separates us from our Lord. We are trapped…

    But glass can be crushed with humility and love…

    Thanks Brother!

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