The Untimely Question…

When tragedy strikes, especially when death steals the joy from our lives, we are left battered by its unpredictable ambush.

As comfortable and self-sufficient cultures continue to skillfully disengage from the necessity of God, heavy hearts find no place for tears.  Tears should never be wasted.  Although death’s facecard seems to trump any momentum to our life’s vitality and promise, the house does not always have to win. Although the reality of loss, un-relenting grief and tears, will have their way, this human response is not an invitation to wasted tears and despair.  Instead suffering is a heavy door that opens to a choice offering refuge for mortality’s greatest insecurity and soft landing for our tears.  Facing this question now will help the weeping from their knees sooner by the strong and gentle hands of hope.  Find some time today and join me in prayer for the grieving.

God is near – let Him in.



The Will and Our Tears

The most difficult question of all,
Comes from the tears falling in our loss.
What God’s will allows after man’s fall,
How tragedy’s price comes at great cost,
And where even His Son dies on a cross…

Yet, somehow, our suffering has a place,
Where hearts like gold shed its tears of dross,
Tears of sorrow become tears of grace,
Drying in God’s prodigal embrace.

The salt that remains gives life flavor,
Although the pain we feel is not erased,
But hope that seasons…will not waver.

The most challenging answer of all,
Offers tears a wooden cross onto which they fall.

©2011 by Chris Clody 6/10/2012

Please “Leave a reply” and share your thoughts if tears are wasted and where we can take our grief. Thanks!

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11 thoughts on “The Untimely Question…

  1. Incredible insight Brother! Even more incredible is that your actions speak louder than your words. We peered into “the upper room” and emerged to do His will….Peace be with you my friend……..

    • Always good to hear your kind words my friend which sems from the miracle born in your heart.Remember the power of humility is beauty in God’s eyes…stay fearless my friend and trust Him to the end. Your brother, Chris

  2. In recent months, the worst kind of losses have occurred with 2 people I work with. The infant granddaughter of one woman lost her battle with kidney disease. I can’t even begin to imagine their loss, but both the parents & the grandmother have professed that their faith in Jesus Christ is what is helping them through this terrible loss. The other is the granddaughter of a coworker was kidnapped by her mother. We pray that God convicts her to do the right thing & bring her back to her family. As far as the deceased granddaughter goes, I think to comfort they do have is based on the truth of God’s Word that if a baby dies, whether inside or outside the womb, they go straight into the arms of God. Pastor John MacArthur wrote a book with that title, taking a Biblical perspective from both the Old & New Testaments. Please keep both of these families in your prayers. In Christ, Steve.

  3. Update: the granddaughter of my co-worker who was kidnapped by her mother was found & returned to her family. Praise God for answered prayers & for all those who prayed for her safe return!

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