Safe Return

If I know where I came from and where I’ll return to, then the time I spend in between should reflect a fearless journey of gratitude.  God did not create death nor instill within us fear.  It is the indestructible peace of knowing that God chose to reveal Himself to all through His Son, Jesus, who freely offers eternal life and hope for our earthbound journey. Beyond admiration or reverence for Jesus, it is the indwelling gift of true faith that beckons the Holy Spirit to pour, in overabundance, that same love that proceeds from both the Father and the Son.  Without this infusion of Heaven’s love, we will never venture past the gates of admiration or reverence of the life of Christ. Dare we choose to wrap our shortcomings in humility and raise our voices to invite God’s Spirit into our transparency, the love we receive becomes our identity in Christ.  …Come Holy Spirit!



Safe Return

Although my sins will sink within this grave,
Still my God will raise me up.
No longer drink for what the devil craves,
But wine for The Incorrupt –
For grace overflows this cup. 

Born of Heaven’s incorruptible seed,
This God-man lights the world,
The lamp of love from which compassion bleeds,
Salvation’s priceless pearl,
Christ has come – His plan unfurls. 

Prince of Peace,
Lord of Lords,
The Giver of True life,
Steal me from the grave’s selfish grasp,
And draw me to your side.

 Raise me Lord,
In Your love,
And guide my safe return,
Reveal the joy unspeakable,
Give me what I cannot earn. 

©2011 by Chris Clody 7/2/2012

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10 thoughts on “Safe Return

  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I know I am unworthy of His blood, but I am thankful …

    “Born of Heaven’s incorruptible seed,
    This God-man lights the world,
    The lamp of love from which compassion bleeds,
    Salvation’s priceless pearl,
    Christ has come – His plan unfurls. ”

    Beautiful piece, but this extract is quite gripping. Death bowed to Him … how grateful am I!!


  2. Reminds me of those words based on John Ch.6 sung in Church, “No one comes to Me, unless the Father draws him.” Although I was raised to believe in Christ, as I grew, I realized that the only reason I believed was because I raised in a home, a church, & a school that taught me that Jesus was the Son of God & the Father raised Him from the dead. Had I been raised in a different religion, I would have rejected that, & I would be believing something else. It wasn’t until I got older & I had my church, that my Christ-loving mother, who had been led to Him, by her Christ-loving boss, taught me the truth about Jesus, Christianity, & the Bible. But, it was the Holy Spirit Who convicted & convinced me, & drew me to the Father. As I grew in my faith, I began to truly understand what it means to have a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. My conversion experience with Jesus was PERSONAL. Like Jesus said in John Ch.6, I ‘hungered’ to come to Him, & I ‘thirsted’ to believe in Him. but it was GOD Who was the One Who drew me to Him. When I look back at the moment that Jesus reached into my ‘wretched’ heart & changed it was the moment I was ‘born again,’ because unless we are ‘born again,’ Jesus said we cannot enter the kingdom of God. Thank you, Jesus! In Christ, Steve.

    • To borrow a quote from a blog I read this morning:”Once you know God, it’s over. Everything else tastes like the vapid emptiness it really is. Christ is the sweet fruit of life that the world only seldom suggested.” (
      Amazing, it was that very passage and others that I sang/heard last Sunday inspired this blog! Hmmmm… sounds like God is up to something! No?
      Thanks for sharing your heart for God Steve!!!

  3. Eloquently said! My daily mission is to maintain an attitude of gratitude in all I do and in all I endure. Especially when bouts of suffering come my way. The more I thank the Lord, the stronger I become.
    Thank you for renewing my trust in the Holy Spirit. God bless you.

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