A Moment…

He was far enough away to expectantly pass him by. He was a foreign face that wore the pain of his existence and debilitating consequences of an unfortunate life.  Yet, an unfamiliar paralysis caused me to hesitate and look a little too long until our eyes shared a moment.

A moment that dared me to search for another’s hidden dignity.

A moment where compassion revolts against a learned and comfortable etiquette.

A moment that should have passed with a forgotten glance.

A moment slowly turned into an unexpected commitment as I slowly staggered against a current towards what should have never held my attention.  Dumbstruck by my heart in mutiny against my common sense, my head screamed, “What are you doing?!” While my heart screamed louder, “What if he was your brother?!”  As if without warning, I stood before him and listened to whatever possessed my body to ask, “Are you hungry my friend?”  Despite the cautious stare from his dull and distant, dark brown eyes, a grateful “yes” seemed to put us both at ease…

Then again, it was just a moment…



A Glance

Lord was that You I saw,
Hidden behind the shame and regret?
Was that you who called,
Through a poor, forgotten silhouette?

There, within a stolen moment,
Empathy pricks me like a thorn,
Drawn by your eternal gaze,
I walk a path I’ve hardly worn.

It’s simply irresistible,
To behold the windows of the soul,
Although dimly visible,
Faith sees love offered not controlled.

Lord, help me see you,
Beyond the vision you gave me.
Lord, unlock this heart,
And destroy its wicked key.

©2011 by Chris Clody 9/14/2012

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