Lift My Eyes…

At times, it seems I’m being shuttled through life on one of those people movers at the airport.  As I grow older and frighteningly more contemplative,  the pace of time and the awareness of mortality’s tightening grip is teaching me to carry a heavier heart with a more patience.   The coming moments with friends and family become more of an opportunity to unlock the “why” when life seems stolen.  I have come to realize it is not the answer to what God permits, but rather the opportunity to share a moment in another’s grief – to be present.  I believe there is no amount of preaching that compares to expressing our deepest sympathies when two lose themselves in a long, comforting hug.  It is in that moment when encouraging little words crawl past trembling lips carried on faint whispers that allow those embracing to step off that people mover to realize time standing still.  It is during that mystery when God is within our midst that we find His unmistakable presence and true solace.  There, in the genius of God, we must realize that He alone can lift our tearful eyes allowing us to breathe the very life of His Truth.  As grief pounds the shores of our memories with seemingly unrelenting waves of loss, deep down we know the waves will come with less frequency in time.  Still, mortality leaves us naked and exposed to its very purpose – a chance to lift our eyes to the One who makes all things new.

Lift My Eyes

Mortality was a forgotten foe,
Mostly Invisible to my youth,
Now death nibbles at life’s corners,
Hell-bent to disturb hearts resting in Truth.

Time, the inescapable juggernaut,
Carries away another friend.
Mournful souls draw close once more,
Stitching ragged hearts in need of mend,

Lift my eyes O’ Lord,
So my heart may follow.
Cleave me to your side,
And bear me up tomorrow.
Sufficient is your Grace O‘ Lord,
Unstoppable is Your Mercy,
Death may steal my final breath,
But not the life you offer me.
For Eternal is your breath, O’ Lord,
Filling space outside of time,
A source of unbound charity,
Filling begging hearts with Life sublime.

O’ Lord, lift my eyes…

©2012 by Chris Clody 10/15/2012

Please “Leave a reply” and share your experiences when you lift your eyes to God. His Peace…

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11 thoughts on “Lift My Eyes…

    • Thank you for sharing your soul Jeanne. Your words come from the heart of “Shalom” – whose meaning of offering “complete peace” is a gift I humbly accept. Peace my friend and Shalom! Chris

  1. Could not have said it better. It’s bittersweet when you lose a loved one. In faith you know they achieved the one thing that becomes increasingly difficult to obtain on this plane. Peace.

  2. In times like this, I too try my best to lift my eyes heavenward and “hold on to the promises.” More like cling to the promises…..which brings comfort and HOPE! Thank you for this post, Chris.

  3. Chris, this is so beautiful on such a deep level. There are seasons in our lives when we move one breath at a time. Seasons when we come to understand that there is no other way to walk, but to walk in the shadow of God’s love. It is a walk where we do not want to step outside the shadow as we feel may lose our way. Every step, every breath can feel like a labor…but we have been told that we may lay our burdens down and find rest. Walk slowly, walk steadily, walk in peace.

    • Wow! Your words carry the beautiful weight of compassion. Your a gift to “hear.” Thank you for your profound insights and yes… I will continue to believe in the slow and ever-merciful hand of God. His, Chris

  4. Thank you for your encouraging lines, Chris. When we have the time to sit and think, to reflect and to reason, it is easy enough to see ourselves each as a part of eternal life. But how much harder it is to keep those realizations at the front of our minds when disaster strikes. But your lines help us.

    Thank you again,


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