Love and Christ

582749main_sunrise_from_iss-4x3_946-710The words “Love” and “Christ” must exist outside our little boxes of understanding, far beyond the shackles of time, and merging someplace in the heart carefully distant from our logic. Although different, the words are one in the same in harmony and divine definition.  Despite their hardness, all hearts crave the touch of true love.  It is the awakening of one’s conscious, the very gift that separates us from all animals, so as to finally recognize the dawning of our indestructible romance.   Love’s daybreak comforts the soul as our innate knowing seeks the hand of the first love we never knew.  The sunlight streaming though the crack of a door barely open continues to beckon our commitment to reach for its knob.   Why and when govern our risk towards accepting such a radical love that feels already written upon our heart.   Why is love, God’s true love, despite being firmly promised throughout human history, so difficult to accept?  When will love truly conquer the hesitation to pull open that door and simply walk in?

The Door


A new day awakes to summer’s dawn,
Colors climb from a horizon’s fire,
Chasing away night and morning yawns,
Yet… today I see with new desire,
True love sings from a nearby choir.

Love and Christ merge within this grateful heart,
Answering man’s eternal inquire,
Reasons to live become glorified art,
Made in the Image of Love He imparts.

Standing and reaching for a destiny’s door,
Faith and hope pull fear and risk apart,
Boldly pulling open what life has in store.

Arms spread open, He names me anew,
The prodigal hugs the love He never knew…

©2012 by Chris Clody 12/3/2012

Please “Leave a reply” and share your experiences or thoughts that allowed to to reach…or not reach… for that door God invites us to open into Him.

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