When Love Remains…

imagessoulWe all have an inner room that patiently waits for our thoughts to darken its door. I had an unintentional visit when thoughts of faith, hope and love carried me there.  Stepping inside the quietness of my soul, these very thoughts profoundly crystallized into an image within my mind’s eye.  This beautiful picture floating before my eyes help me know the relationship found within faith, hope and love. It became deeply clear that hope and faith were mere hooks from which God’s vision of love hung. Faith and hope are true gifts that encourage our eternal perspective. Ultimately, however, it is the unspeakable joy of faith and hope to be left behind as love is raised from its hooks in resurrection.

Like branches of an apple tree, faith and hope hold and support its fruit of love. Faith and imagesappletreehope bend so love can be freely offered, available to reaching hands and hungry hearts. Like God, in the end, only love remains. Faith and hope are left behind, like seeds for tomorrow’s trees. We are born to freely bear love without regard or condition. If faith and hope are insecure and insincere it binds love in fear of losing it. The gift of God’s reckless love is as irrational as the concept of forgiveness. If faith and hope are used to isolate and divide God’s creation by the abuse of judgment, then faith and hope are not only incapable of holding love but worse – unable to offer it. Without love, the branches of faith and hope, comprise a proud yet pitiful, barren tree.


Love Remains


Faith and hope stand waiting,
To hold the love we prize.
Like hooks that hold a picture,
That soon will see God’s eyes.
Love hangs shadowed within wood,
Beckoning all to cast their gaze,
A vision of revelation,
Stills a humble heart in praise.
This picture is ours to hold,
In the arms of faith on hope,
Allowing a sight for sore eyes,
And chance a heart’s elope,
Lifting higher God’s beauty,
Becomes the labor of love.
Hoping we’re seen as that picture,
And rise from hooks by God above.

Truly only love remains…
Leaving faith and hope behind,
The hooks endure a noble legacy,
For seeking eyes and hearts to find.

©2013 by Chris Clody 2/15/2013

imageshearthand…I command you today to love the Lord your God …(Deuteronomy 30:16)

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