A friend in need…


A Cross To Lift

You are the only footprints I see,
As I am carried along,
My eyes open as my heart now bleeds,
Wond’ring if I’ll be that strong.
To lift your cross unexpectantly,
Like Simon forced to aid your need.
Unworthy – yet drawn to press you close
Restless thoughts start their stampede,
Tears run dry as you gave up your Ghost
Forgiveness proclaims our only boast.
Encouraged to further lift your cross,
A wealthy fraud bearing a beggar’s post,
Seeking life’s true profit in my loss.

Jesus, make me your beast of burden,
Knowing life without You cannot be forgiven.

©2013 by Chris Clody 3/18/2013

Please “Leave a reply” and share your experiences of your “cross to lift”. His Peace…
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