A Burden With A Smile

images2Recently, I heard a blurb on why suffering is permitted, especially by those (including myself), who believe in a God that profoundly loves us.  I too carry a hidden intimacy with chronic cluster migraines for the past 25 years, that left me in lonely, desperate pity parties celebrated every minute of every day.  After dutifully attempting all “cures” – I left the world of the shoulder-shrugging, well-intentioned neurologists many years ago.  Yet there is a silver lining to desperation… and it glows in the stillness of prayer.  Embracing my pain emancipates an unexpected richness in the grace of peace drawn from ever-deepening prayer.  The many levels of prayer removes my filter of focusing on pain, unleashes the cascading ambience of my intimate and omnipresent Father, my Redeemer and understanding Son, and the warmth of a comforting Spirit.  Even during the excruciating times that sap the will to do anything but melt…I know prayer is my answer-even when it’s not my cure. Therefore, for those of you in far worse condition then me, please seek beyond your wills for the extraordinary grace glowing in your distant and dark nights.

A Burden With A Smile


Chronic is the fire burning inside my head
Ravaging the hope to be free from pain,
Rest is impossible even lying in bed,
This unrelenting rage seeks its only gain –
Yearning to consume my soul after my brain

Yet, I bear my burden with a smile,
and refuse to slow from this ball and chain,
The secret of pain is found trodding its mile,
Releasing its secret – instead of its shame.

Like endorphins released in the midst of a race,
Splashing through puddles, cursing the rain,
Embracing the suffering and inhaling God’s grace.

For fear is the mountain we avoid to climb,
Yet fear is a lie…hiding a key we all must find.

©2013 by Chris Clody 4/28/2013

Please “Leave a reply” and share your experiences that may help others press through suffering. His Peace…Chris
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12 thoughts on “A Burden With A Smile

  1. While struggling with pain and anguish, a Christian goes through the battle and finds such a wealth of peace and comfort inside the heart of God. Yea, patience and hope are there also. If not for the pain and suffering, one would never come to know the sweetness of God’s mercy. Shalom

  2. I too have found a closer walk with God through my struggles with pain. As Jeanne said, if not for the pain and suffering, we would never know the sweetness of God’s mercy. I know of others that are struggling with chronic pain. May I reblog this and share these encouraging words?

    • I too agree that tears are never wasted in our journey towards the One who makes all things new. And yes, please feel free to share whatever of mine you feel appropriate. God bless you friend. His Peace, Chris

    • Despite the pain at times, it is well with my soul. May G_d continue to to keep you and bless you my dear friend. In Him we rise, Chris

  3. Wow, thanks! I am reblogging this on my page. Prayer, the most awesome tool that God has given us. It is instant communication to our Creator, Father and Friend.

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