Dark Nights And Brilliant Dawns


It is in life’s greatest contrasts, that light piercing the blackness, when nights become day that we begin to realize what our souls have been craving.  I finally ‘see’ how the Son of God has pierced the darkness of my blindness that prepares me for that coming day.  We must accept the dark nights of our soul with a courageous understanding that those distant and abandoned feelings that even challenge our true capacity to forgive.   When prayer becomes a constant duty that must be filled whenever and where ever – even when loneliness shadows our very soul.  Yet, like the dawn, there is a silver lining to the new and unfamiliar distance to God’s nearness since it allows an opportunity for a new emptiness. Like the  constant prayer that fills the parched moments of reality, the emptiness that seems to hollow out our very being can now only fill with our honor and glory for God.  This once sliver of faraway light begins to roll back the scroll of night that holds all our distractions pulling us from our soul’s draw towards sanctity.  It is finally realizing the need of our poverty of spirit that allows us to not only be re-filled but rehydrated by that promised eternal spring.  Although incessant prayers are carried on shallow breaths past parched lips, our soul is thoroughly quenched in the fullness of God’s liquid charity.  Like a dog on a retractable leash I know I am tethered to my master yet still feel the freedom to feel abandonment or confidence to roam without fear.   True freedom and this indescribable sense of peace can only flower in the fruit of humility.  It is a strange and irresistible sense of docility that finds no pleasure in presumptuous judgment of another’s state of grace but only the joy of sharing the invitation that beckons the soul towards perfection. My gratitude must start with accepting the gift of prayer that allows the soul to breathe in the dawn as we communicate with our very Creator.  Without prayer… our eternal reunion with a Triune God is in grave risk.  Prayer is greatest in our weakest moments when our humanity loses grasp and falls into the waiting hands of God.  There, when young parents sit as one trembling flesh while their son’s future is determined at the the end of a surgeon’s scalpel, the unwelcome ache of emptiness yearns for hope beyond hope.  Even when there are no more tears to give, prayer finds its helium as it collides into the dawn.  The prayers for healing and restoration for their boy are constant yet do not numb their ache.  The ache soon dulls in that transformative moment of unexpected gratitude, when only praise and glory lift breaking hearts and tearful eyes to the One who will make all things new.  The dark night may be found waiting long hours in a hospital or in years of quiet solitude – yet both find hope wrought in prayer.  If we believe that the dawn is coming we should not fear its preceding night and stand humble and ever watchful for it’s first ray responding to our gratitude.

Therefore seek the One True God that is near.

Find Peace,



5 thoughts on “Dark Nights And Brilliant Dawns

    • Your words have stilled my morning so as to only think about your brother.Your love for him inspired my next post…please be my voice and read my heart to him. God is near, Chris

      • God is so good! I have read your followup and will be your voice to Jim, my brother. He is a poet and writer also and will be comforted by your sharing in his last days journey. Thank you so much.

    • Shine on Team Fineske! You are a true inspiration and a bright light to those who trod your path. We remain encouraged despite the unknown because the echoes of Jack’s words to simply,”Trust in Jesus” – so we do. Peace I leave my friend.

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