Love Freely Wasted


Love Freely Wasted.

True love is not a sentiment,
Yet swoons within Your surrounding mist.
Bibles misused as some proof text,
Still… convicts probing souls by its kiss.
Forgotten victims can’t forget –
While forgiveness opens angry fists.

Can I obtain absolute trust?
Will Your Love in me truly exist?
Will Your voice humble all my words,
To proclaim a love hearts can’t resist?

If it be Your will then waste me!
For fear has never been my friend.
This heart stands ravaged to be filled –
Restless …yet no longer stands condemned.

Infuse me with love freely wasted,
Temper me in Your Holy Fire,
Let humility be my only strength,
So love for neighbor never tires.
Let my actions be Love’s mirror,
To lift a friend from the mire,
Help me become fully human,
Not what I want but what You desire.


© by Chris Clody 8/9/13


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