The Bridge

homeless1I was awed by the provocative words I heard this Sunday at church regarding the separation between people as was related to a biblical passage between a very poor and sick man named Lazarus and a rich man found in Luke 16:19-31.  Drawing from the unnecessary, continuous separation experienced between both men on earth and in the afterlife was simply sad. If within every “hello” there is a chance for compassion, the oblivion of the rich man’s radar for Lazarus was simply turned off.   If the works of Jesus is our tangible, visible expression of the invisible and incessant grace of Our Father, then the opportunity to dig deeper behind each “hello” is the path Christ’s beckons us towards.

bridge1It was the beautiful analogy of building bridges explained on Sunday by first using thin, lightweight lines to first “bridge” the distance by which the gap separates each side.  Slowly, thicker and thicker lines are used to pull the more substantial cords used in its construction.  Whether the bridge is a place to meet in the middle or used only for one to cross over completely to the other side to be with another, either way demonstrates our humanity’s need to draw together into communion and community despite what separates us.  For the Christian, their ability to seek communion regardless of differences is their litmus test – for those they love the least is a reflection of how much they love their Savior.  It is necessary to throw out those long, thin lines for want of communion so more substantial relationships can be slowly drawn closer together.  To dare to accept the radical nature of Christ’s compassion and unstoppable forgiveness revealing His Father’s will towards our and His communion, we must become fearless bridges – if even if they fail and come crashing down.  forgive2Often, actually too often, Jesus is used as a metaphor as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, bridging the damnation every soul has been born into under the genetic curse of Original Sin. But my friends, Jesus is much more than a bridge spanning the merciful arm of redemption from Heaven to Earth – He is fill.  Although we may not see the abundant grace that can move God to forget all our offenses, it is the tangible, visible love for neighbor that builds a community joyfully gathering without condemnation in the promise of salvation.  If souls that die in friendship with this immaculate heart and soul of a forgiving Redeemer, then cast forth those thin lines of hope to love your God through your neighbor…regardless…community1

His Peace,


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