A Morning’s Prayer

foot printsPerfect was Your passion Lord to win a world of souls.
By your grace, I fill up what is wanting of your suffering,
For it is Your will to add my sufferings to yours,
So that you may live and suffer in us,
Continuing Your redemptive work until the end if time.
Allow the excesses of my trials reveal the greater excesses of Your sublime love that proves all is grace in which You will or permit so as to renew all Your mystery.
Lord, You alone are my warmth,
A consuming fire of redemptive work.
Draw from the dross through my pain,
The good You purposed in me for Your glory.
Touch the pure, hot coals to my heart,
And baptize Your incarnate seed planted deep within –
For true life is sought by wanting a life In you,
As Your mystery awaits in patience to begin…
Renew in me the first love I never knew –
And let me see beyond the pale…
Consume my insecurities,
My sufferings and despair,
For all is grace within humanity-
Since love bought back the world.
Let my gaze upon your cross
Lift another’s eyes to Your mystery –
The very contradiction that releases our eternal peace.




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