Holy Dwelling

the-doorLately, as I contemplate personal prayer, I feel I have stretched my understanding of my communication with the Giver of all good things. This ‘Holy Dwelling’ place is not just a subconscious, interior room in which we withdraw from the world… but rather we find this secret place by enclosing our surrender into the sacred heart of Jesus – the very heart of creation.  Be fearless and surrender my friends.  His Peace, Chris

Holy Dwelling

Holy dwelling
Hidden in Christ
Sacred refuge
Eternal light
Awaken my soul
From sin’s endless night

My Christ in God
My chosen temple
Hear my prayer
Ever faithful
Enclose me in You
Savior so gentle

Holy is the dwelling place you built for me
Precious is The Spirit that sets me free
Shepherd of God draw me within
Your sacred heart where all love begins

My God, My Lord
My strong tower
Redeemer King
Eternal flower
I surrender to
Your will and power.

By Chris Clody 11/13/2013


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