Whom Have You Seen, O Shepherds?

incarnation2Awe.  Wonder. Fear.  Regardless of the order or if felt all at once, the shepherds and possibly unknown others awakened by the supernatural events coinciding with the birth of Christ, certainly stood mesmerized casting shadows in the night.   Surely if God felt people did not love Him because they couldn’t see Him then they would have no excuse now.   There are seven words that continue to still me:  “Word made flesh for love of us.” Ironically, His very name, “Word”, given to the now visible Son of God, was intentionally born hidden as a small, needful, and inarticulate babe.  However the shallow blush of irony that thinly veils this indescribable charity now awakens our contemplation with awe, wonder, and fear.  The brightest of Heaven’s glory shown in the tangible charity of a newborn allowing God’s depthless love to speak infinite volumes through the now resting silence of the Word.  There is a sweetness in silence… to be still and know He is God. Find a moment to hold that silence in your heart and allow the awe, wonder, and fear that same shining moment when it split the night sky over 2000 years ago.

Merry Christmas friends,

O Shepherds


Shadows hide from Glory’s light,
Hillsides splashed by Heaven’s glow,
A burning star splits the night,
Fearful eyes gaze from below,
God made flesh to few that know…

O Shepherds, whom have you seen?
What did your hearts undergo?
Has God now stepped in between,
Laws of men and Love supreme?

Tell me what the angels said,
and of these glorious streams?
Why have tears of joy been shed?
O Shepherds, whom have you seen?

Emmanuel has lit the night,
Has proved His Love to be with us!
Hiding Heaven within a babe,
Awaking hearts to newfound trust.

God is Love and lives with us.

by Chris Clody 12/24/2013

2 thoughts on “Whom Have You Seen, O Shepherds?

  1. Chris, wonderful writing. Would you mind if posted ths on FaceBook, please? Showing as the writer will be posted. Be blessed my friend

    The a bowers family

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