God loves you excessively – and there’s nothing you can do about it…

imagesCAAULHD4…Or is there?  When you come to terms with the inescapable prognosis of an Omniscient Love enveloping your next inhale, holding your breath doesn’t seem to be the logical answer.  I believe there may be more behind a friendly smile encountered in passing.  The smile I easily offer is not only a renewed gratitude towards my Loving Pursuer, it is also the symptom of a humble victory of my quiet war with chronic pain.  For it is in this found peace amidst a constant storm that lifts the corners of my mouth.  I believe peace, not freedom from pain or even finding happiness, is humanity’s mooring against loneliness and possibly despair.  As prayer and nausea extend my early mornings long before my feet find the floor, I am still grateful for each inhale that comforts my soul far beyond that gulp and warming descent of perfect coffee.  In a way, I am grateful for pain since it not only thins my spiritual veil but awakens me to sensing more of what life has to offer.   Loneliness flees like dark from light with a knowing I am never alone.  To some who find my perspective a result of desperate religious brainwashing, I can gently assure them that chronic pain will gladly prove that wrong rather quickly.  So pass along a smile today knowing God loves you more than we’ll ever know.

His Peace,



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