My Jewel to Offer

thumbnailCA5K87RRBefore embracing this new year and its list of resolutions stands my personal prayer for charity.  I realize the truest of all charities is the freedom within the vision that our good God has for my life.  Although this charity is free for my reception, its cost is immeasurable in deafening the voice of selfish independence within my human spirit.  For it is within this willing and hidden obedience that I abandon this roar of defiance in exchange for the quiet, yet unstoppable will of divine love.  I take solitude in knowing it’s not my present concern to perfectly live and express God’s resolution for me, rather it is simply my newfound joy amidst this culture’s disorder to offer its warm glow of invitation showing what only faith can imagine.  Gratefully and humbly, my selfish will is now my jewel to offer to the One who makes all things new.

His Peace,

Take My Will


Lord, take this jewel from hands
and place it in Your heart
Take my will, all of me,
Make me holy, blessed, and set apart

Obedience is the burden of the strong
Yet I find the strength to deny myself
For sacrifice is my sweet and soulful song
In doing Your will which has no wrong

Make blind my obedience
“Christus jubet, sufficit…”
Christ commands that is enough
In Him alone I find true peace

Let Your tears of compassion flow from these eyes,
Open my ears O Lord to hear and obey,
Crush this spirit deep within that dares to defy
Fill me with Your charity that can’t be denied.

“Christus jubet, sufficit…”
“Christus jubet, sufficit…”
“Christus jubet, sufficit…”
Christ commands that is enough

By Chris Clody


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