Your Table

Your Table


Drawn by the Father to Your table,
Blind to Your glory hidden within,
Yet through eyes of faith I soon tremble,
Knowing the price you paid for my sin –
With hands held open I say “Amen.”

Like a drop absorbed by the ocean,
Body and soul freely forgiven,
Through bread and wine I taste Your Passion,
My heart sings with renewed devotion.

Lord, help me become new bread and wine,
To give of myself without ration,
Loving with heart, body, soul and mind.
Extend through me Your true compassion.

The Father pulls me closer,
Through You I’ll see His beauty,
Take this heart, Sweet Redeemer,
Guard it and make it holy.

Now I see You in the bread I eat,
In the chance to become Your hands and feet.

By Chris Clody 2/26/14

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