Love Calls To Love

I believe in God.  I believe that this same God breathed not only life into us but also His Love. Within us, His Life and His Love are only compromised by our choices. I believe it is this Sovereign Being’s vision that we unhesitatingly unite His Life and His Love as if it was a prodigal, love-sick son runnig back into the arms and life of his father. Although His Life and Love are solely for His glory, He is not a selfish Deity. In fact, His love is jealous to solely rest all our hopes, fears, and sufferings in Him. Therefore, if today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.

Give Love a chance,


Love calls to Love

Pure Love calls to love,
Make haste then to answer Him.
Souls are His treasure,
Giving all to deliver them.

Awake O my soul,
To the sound of charity.
Sacrifice bears all,
Forgiveness is prosperity.

Love calls to love,
Drawn to newfound freedom,
Love calls to love,
Today I see Your Kingdom.

Alone nevermore,
Lo, He is with you always,
My King and my friend,
Beside me even when I pray.

My Lord and my God,
I abandon all to You,
Take my suffering,
As my prayer, my trust, and hope in You.


By Chris Clody 3/16/14


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