Love Is The Journey…

Love is the Journey

silent thought
Love is the journey,
Faith holds firm to the rudder,
Hope splashes the oars,
Finding traction in clear water.

The sun dips below,
The horizon’s endless ledge,
The last rays offer,
A glint from a knife’s edge.

My test has begun,
Moonshine barely lights my way,
Oars pierce the deep and dark,
My boat begins to rock and sway.

Nevertheless, faith-
Sees beyond this blackened path,
Love never wavers,
As hope pushes through the night’s wrath.

No, I’m not alone,
But in the palm of God’s hand,
That gathers my hope,
Drawing me to the Holy Land.

The morning draws near,
And the sun will come again,
This journey of love,
Is warmed by the gift of a friend.

Be at Peace…

By Chris Clody 5/15/14

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