Lightning Is Never Caught



Lightning is never caught
Yet hope possessed quickens the soul,
An iron heart now wrought,
Now giving light from its black hole,
Love is the light it can’t control.

In its softening glow,
The light shines to care and console,
The mind may never know,
Why love can’t be held but let go.

A heart endlessly emitting,
The splendid light it throws,
Obtaining peace without regretting.

Faith and hope is the lightning of love,
Heating hearts with light it was once barren of.


By Chris Clody 5/21/2014


4 thoughts on “Lightning Is Never Caught

  1. Thank you Chris-Very appropriate as I depart from DTW to Greensboro this stormy morn. Peace, Tim

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  2. Love this poem! I think it really captures what is at the heart of the Christian life. It’s that simple and that profound! Sometimes we need that reminder: When it’s all said and done, this is really our purpose and what we are here for ……thank you!

    • Thanks Katie – your words are always so encouraging and too generous! Let us always carry that light and its wound from our quickening as a reminder of the love that saved us all. Truly, in His light we will rise,Chris

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