homeless1I am uncomfortable by the thought of God’s adaptation to vacate His glory to hopefully coax us down from our pretentious pedestals to love our neighbor…yet I am immensely grateful. It is within the true act of charity that willingly conforms to my neighbor’s desires that finds the exquisite realization of loving and serving God through others. Outside of miracles, Jesus hid His glory and bowed to wash feet so we may do the same. It is our love that must be conditioned to disregard recompense for our charity to one another in light of the immense love that continues to adapt to our needs yet shines with favor through our neighbor’s smile.

Shine on,

Hidden was Your glory
That bowed to serve our selfishness.
Unveiled was Your power,
So we may see You as our own.
Blinded by charity,
Love transformed us to Your likeness,
Mute voices got louder,
Encouraging hope without groans.
Unmasked humility,
Indignant hearts become righteous,
Buried seeds soon flower,
From a Creator’s hand once sown.

Glory blossoms when love is shown.

by Chris Clody 6/19/2014

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