Live to Love

Love is Spoken

Grace lifts the soul when love is spoken,
Words enflesh into bridges,
Paths of communion reach unbroken,
Lit by the light of the Lord’s riches,
Neighbors stand on mountaintops not ditches.

Emboldened through the Bread of the strong,
Humbled by the cup that blesses,
Love is simple yet our profound song,
Encouraging yearning hearts to belong.

For life worth living is done for others,
Charity conquers our selfish wrong,
By loving Our God through our neighbor.
A Kingdom is realized in awe and wonder.

We were made to release His Word,
Breaking the silence so love may be heard.

Live to Love.

By Chris Clody

2 thoughts on “Live to Love

  1. IN Christ we can do marvelous things inlove and in help of the Holy Spirit in contually deeds for to take cae of our neighbors in needs and in his troubles and in without Christ and no hope and that we are thet help in joy and save and heal and give the food and the drinks of milks and clothrer them and pary for them in Jesus name ,thanks and bless and move on in love to give hope in hopeless,keijo sweden

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