An Appititie for the Soul

imagesfrdsAllan.  He is my brother my soul knows deeper than I get to physically see him. Physically he is an an anomaly to medical science – yet despite his broken shell that mega-volt battery of hope that floods from his soul to his flesh displays what happens when Grace abounds.   More than anything, more than the unknown that blocks his view, he wants to reach out and connect with me and others to pray.  Truly, we are all connected through the promise of One Spirit.  Beyond the gift of responding to God’s demands, we are all slowly realizing that the Kingdom at hand is when we reach over the fence of personal salvific assurance and truly want to be saved as a community.  Do you really believe that we are One body anxiously waiting our Herro King’s return?  Do you really believe that if one part of the Body hurts we all hurt?

I do.images3

Love has been solely created to conquer fear, insecurity, prejudice.  Love has been created to crush our selfishness into the pure fragrance of humility.  Love will be the only aspects of our legacy when we have been long forgotten.  Love is fearless, impulsive, reckless, and without judgment.  Today, I offer you to join me to love, through one of our mightiest gifts called prayer.  If you’ve forgotten or dismissed the reality of prayer, surely remember the moment you found love. That magical moment that suddenly renews and burst within every cell of your body.  Whether for a minute or a lingering thought throughout this day, I ask you to ask God to feel this particular love through prayer for three of my dearest friends;  little but mighty Jack and his resilient fight against childhood cancer (drop a note of encouragement on the facebook site  Pray for my ‘brother’, ‘my inseparable friend, Kevin (check out his caringbridge site and simply say hello…thinking of you big guy! (  Finally, for my brother in grace, Allan.  Maybe I can inspire him to blog his incredible journey to connect with you. Although Allan is losing his physical battle and the veil to his true reality becomes thinner, his perseverance beyond reason is to our advantage.  Would you love Allan with me and pray for a new medical approach for his appointment this Wednesday.  Pray for a new sense of physical wholeness as his battered body leaves his mind in a constant state of flux.  Although I believe His Savior stands near, ask that we may hold Allan just a little longer in a true sense of One Body, One Spirit, so as to pave a gentler path for Allan and his committed love to friends, family, and His God.imagesluv



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